"I love you mom": the last words of the young rugby player who died for eating a bullet


Sam Ballard was a renowned Australian rugby player who unfortunately died last Friday after spending eight years bowing.

The athlete suffered from Angiostrongylus cantonensis, after eating a snail from the garden to face a complex challenge.

At the time, Ballard was 19 and had a promising future in sports. The first symptoms were leg cramps and discomfort throughout the body.

Unfortunately, after several tests they found out that the young man had been infected with a mouse pulmonary worm, according to BioBioChile.

Sam was treated for three years, but his health last deteriorated, being prostrate and in a coma. But that's not all, since he also constantly suffered from convulsions and had to be fed through a tube.

Unfortunately he could not stand it anymore and he died surrounded by his family and his closest friends.

According to the Yahoo site, his last words were "I love you mom".



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