"I never ask you why"


Adults are exposed to many tensions. Unconsciously we put stress and negative mood in our children, in the form of words or behaviors that do not touch.

And we are often aware.

One question we must continually ask is how we feel and how our child feels. Once you have asked this question, you have more chances to manage your mood well and increase all kinds of skills.

Value the words.

You need to harness the power of words. Before asking my daughter how she had gone to school, she told me well and the conversation ended. Until I decided to ask, "What's the best thing that happened to you at school?". When I was saying it, he gave me an explanation and easily started a conversation.

Well seen

I also never ask why.

Why? I apologize for asking you.

Because when they ask us why we tend to feel guilty, we get on the defensive and do nothing but look for excuses. All of this takes us away from good learning and the solution of the problem.

And how else can the question be asked?

You can ask what is the reason for such a thing. Words change everything, because the mind is everything. I try to make my daughter aware of the power of non-verbal communication, of the power that has the voice, the look, the smile, the position of the body, the gestures … All this must be taken into account to communicate better and to understand better the others.

Being a mentalist has helped you become a parent?

He taught me to have resources and tools to make communication more functional and effective.

And is your daughter interested in your abilities?

Sometimes you've seen how we can be able to direct people's attention and thinking, making them set one thing instead of doing it in another. Dedicating to my mind makes me aware of the great capacity for suggestion we have, adults and children. We are all very influential. A word, a gesture, a music … they can change any decision.

Tell me something you look at it that would make you think.

When I was a child, my daughter played as a teacher for her children. C & # 39; they were times that scared them constantly. At other times he treated her in a calmer, more affectionate tone. It turns out that he was imitating his teachers.


This makes you aware of the importance of teachers, and whether they use the threat or the ability to reflect. Punishment and learning have nothing to do with it. In the business world, I have seen that the threat usually does not work. The most effective thing is to use the positive emotions of children to motivate them. Humor is also very important. It allows you to deploy many skills and face difficulties, it is a great engine.

One last thought for difficult moments.

Conflicts are always an opportunity to learn and grow as long as we know how to handle them well.


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