I never dreamed of a foreign academy, says the jewel of Central Bohemia

Have you thought about the possibility of foreign engagement during your career so far?

My dream has never been a foreign academy, I evaluated the Czech journey together with my family and agency as ideal. Moreover, there was no specific offer from abroad on the table that would force me to reconsider this view. In Boleslav, as a standard, they give space to young players who can grow alongside exceptional personalities. Every single training with players like Marek Matějovský, Marek Suchý, Jirka Skalák or Milan Škoda convinces me that I made the right choice.

How difficult was it to be part of such a busy cabin at a young age?

Paradoxically, it was an advantage for me to start training with the team during the pandemic. We started the exercises in pairs, then in groups of three or four players. I got to know the boys gradually and completely naturally. The boys treat me great, but of course I still have respect. After all, I sit next to the representatives, players with hundreds of starts in the highest competition and abroad. I try to learn from them not only on the playground. I watch how honestly they are about regeneration, how they treat young boys and admirers, for example from the student categories. I learn literally every minute.

Do you see the main advantage of the home trip in the possibility of training with them?

How do you tolerate the famous difficulty of coach Karel Jarolím?

For us young people, his engagement in Boleslav is a great option. We get a chance, he devotes a lot of time to us in training and in individual exercises outside the classic training units. His experience and success to date speak for themselves. It is in the leadership of the youth teams that there is another plus of the so-called Czech way. Of course, I can’t assess the quality of coaches abroad, but I reckon that you rarely get the opportunity to train under a coach with league titles and national team history.

Still, abroad remains your dream?

Every boy who starts playing football dreams of starting in the Champions League and the best competitions in the world. I am no exception, I personally would like to try the German Bundesliga. But my first football goal has always been league starts in the Boleslav jersey and this goal still lasts. The ideal scenario would be a stable place in the basic line-up for Boleslav, great success in the form of advancing to the European Cups and then moving abroad. I know these dreams are bold, but I work for them every day.

From the position of a team benjamin, you come to national team meetings as one of the mainstays. Do you feel different pressure or responsibility in the national team?

Are your teammates under the age of nineteen the ideal way to get closer to your dreams?

We constantly analyze football. Some have completed internships abroad, others are not even attracted to this journey. In my opinion, it is not possible to choose a universal recipe, every player is different. With different settings, different backgrounds. For example, I like the home environment, I like the closeness of family and friends. But at the same time, I want to be prepared if a chance from abroad comes in the future. In addition to football, studying English is a matter of course in our generation.


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