I never liked playing on mobile but I have been testing Apple Arcade for a month and I am very surprised

The Apple Arcade video game service is not new, but it has given a lot to talk about in recent weeks with the arrival of several very interesting exclusive games. Attracted by the news, I decided to venture to try the service and I will tell you what I found after a month on it.

I have never owned a device Apple. I admit, and forgive me those who like the apple brand very much, that it does not attract me at all. I will not enter here, because it is not the objective, to explain why after my rejection of their products, but the story changed a few weeks ago when I wished with all my might have an iPhone or an Apple device. The video game subscription service Apple Arcade received on Friday April 2 30 new video games, which included various exclusives that caught my attention: Fantasian, World of Demons, Wonderbox O Clap Hanz Golf they made me look at Apple Arcade for the first time. But how could I test it without having anything from Apple?

I found the solution by rescuing an old man iPhone 6S from my father, although I had a great doubt if video games could work on him. This Apple mobile came out in 2015 and its specifications put me on alert. Still, I cleaned up the terminal and made an account to subscribe to Apple Arcade. The first positive point is that you can try the service completely free for one month, without loosing a single euro. Of course, be careful with the cancellation, because the moment you decide to stop the trial period, you lose access to the games. It does not last the whole month. Later, if you want to continue in it, the monthly price is 4.99 euros, an affordable price that I already anticipate that I think it’s quite worth it.

I downloaded World of Demons and Fantasian without thinking and my surprise was that both they worked perfectlyeven at 60 fps. Obviously the resolution and the overall quality of the games on this terminal is lower than what you can find on modern iPhones, on Mac or on iPad, but they do. This is something very important to note: it shows that Apple wants all the games that are in its service work on all your products, including Apple TV. And yes, also in some old ones. In fact, the problem I have with my mobile is that it has a ridiculous capacity of 16 GB, which, removing the operating system and stories, remains at a meager 7 or 8 GB. But returning to the question, if you are subscribers of Apple Arcade you can enjoy their video games in any apple device, which among other things will allow you to continue your games regardless of which one you use, since it is saved in the cloud to be able to continue wherever you want. Also, many of the service’s games have full controller compatibility, so if you are not too attracted to the idea of ​​using the touch screen, you have the option of using a compatible controller, such as the one for Xbox One or the DualShock 4 from PlayStation 4.

Good games, no micropayments or purchases

But let’s get down to business. At the end of the day, what interests us in this type of service is to know if the video game that they offer us are worth it or not. First of all I have to tell you that the big names that have arrived, such as World of Demons or Fantasian, are titles that I recommend, with a great adaptation to mobile and that they have nothing to envy to PC games or consoles. In fact, if you want to know more about Fantasian, I told you a few days ago what I found the first part of this game from the creator of Final Fantasy. But beyond those most famous, other exclusives, such as Wonderbox, I have been pleasantly surprised. I think, generally speaking, there are several titles that are quite worthwhile and the player’s time, and I hope that this even improves in the future. It is important that you also bear in mind that in Apple Arcade not all video games are exclusive and there are also many that are on other platforms, but that we can enjoy here at no additional cost.

LEGO Builder’s Journey

For example, I was quite surprised to see that The Last Campfire (the game of the creators of No Man’s Sky) O The Pathless. There are many others that I would recommend, as the current catalog exceeds 180 video games and it is very varied, but without a doubt there are some that stand out more than others. By the way, one thing that must also be noted is that the games in Apple Arcade they cannot be bought. That is, no one can have, for example, World of Demons. As long as you are subscribed to the service you can play it, but the day (if it arrives, which I imagine it will, even if it is many years from now) when it leaves Apple Arcade will no longer be available. I know for good that this can be a conflict for more than one player: I honestly have no problem with this type of “deal”. We are in the access era, as shown by streaming services such as Netflix or others in video games like Xbox Game Pass, and I feel very comfortable in it. I do not need to own the games, although I understand and respect other users who are not convinced by this type of business model.

Undoubtedly, another aspect that must be highlighted is that all the video games that are within Apple Arcade, are exclusive or not, they do not have micropayments or purchases. They are full titles. Apple promotes the service in this way and, although for some it may be normal that these games do not have this type of monetization model, I think that it is still something that must be made very clear. The only thing you will pay is your subscription of 4.99 euros per month. It is something really interesting, since one of the great barriers to approaching mobile games is that many of them are loaded with micropayments and, although they are free to play, they are not attractive. It is completely understandable that a sector of the players, especially the most veteran, do not even want to see such titles in paint. In Apple Arcade that psychological wall does not exist: everything that there is can be enjoyed without limitations, without extra payments.

Apple Arcade is a good service, but …

I never liked playing on mobile but I have been testing Apple Arcade for a month and I am very surprised

If you have an iPhone and you like games, the subscription is almost essentialMy idea when I got the trial month was not to renew the subscription, I’m not going to lie to you. In fact, I still have the alarm set to let me know one day before the renovation. But, after using it for a few days, I will ignore the alert and i will pay for the first time, because it has convinced me. I want to continue giving cane to other exclusive video games that I have yet to play, and even some that are on other platforms, but that I can play here without paying more.

Apple Arcade is a good service And if you like video games and you have, above all, an iPhone, I think that the subscription is almost essential. At least, of course, the trial month I recommend that you take advantage of it so that you can see for yourself if you are interested. Many of the titles, especially the exclusive ones, are high quality, well adapted to mobile phones, and also created with Apple Arcade gamers in mind that they may only play for a short time each day, as many of their game progresses. games is very measured so that almost all the time there is fun, and that is appreciated.

Fantasian / Clap Hanz Golf

And with that said, I have a but. I am convinced that many players will like it, I insist on recommending that you try it, but I also have serious doubts that it is a service that pay off in the long run. I (and many) have piqued my curiosity because there have been video games that have been talked about, that are from important developers. And that is the reality. I have tried, on the rebound, another of the games that I am mentioning so much, Wonderbox, from the Brazilian studio Aquiris. And I really liked it! But to be honest, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind to enter the service for that title. What I mean is that, although it may “screw up” many users who do not have an Apple product, the most correct strategy I can think of to make Apple Arcade deserve our money month after month is that exclusive quality video games are released on a regular basis.

It is probably not necessary for one to come out every month, or every three months, but if every so often we have a video game that spreads talk and has a higher than average quality, users will almost certainly remain, because the service okay and that’s probably the hardest thing to do. Will Apple Arcade be able to follow its growth trend and give us more joy? Only time will tell.

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