“I never took it as an attack”: Derbez on Chabelo slap

Recently Eugenio attended an interview with Alex Montiel, with whom he spoke about his first job for Televise with Chabelo and who remembered the slap that the driver gave him on one occasion:

“When I was looking for the chop, because obviously you are on Televisa asking for a job of whatever it is. One day I meet the people of Chabelo, not even him. And when I meet him, he tells me, because he is always super respectful : ‘You who are an actor, would you be interested in doing the voice of a doll?’ “he explained.

“It was remote controlled and it was a stiff monkey that put a microphone on me and every time I spoke the monkey’s mouth would open. Then he asked me to handle the doll, to enter every x time and tell a joke, and that’s where I am beginning to develop my capacity as a writer and comedian. They called the doll Pepo and he would enter a stiff tricycle, he would enter by remote control “, he detailed.

And he narrated that with the passage of time Chabelo allowed him to migrate from his secondary role to being the one who took out the cataphixia papers and, during an episode, the “aggression” occurred:

“I was handling the doll and at the time of the cataphixia I went out to the frame, and one day I saw the clip where Chabelo slaps me. (…) I love Chabelo, he is my best, I adore him. He never attacked me, never I took it as an assault. He’s my friend. “, asserted Eugenio.

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“When we do comedy, like your mind opens up and there comes a time when everything is worth your hat: you don’t care if they criticize you, what they say, you don’t care about anything. As a comedian … I have to treading like his walking on egg cartons “, added.

And he revealed that he even traveled with “everyone’s friend” to different tours:

“Chabelo gave me a job at his show; I was behind the scenes on this, but when we were on tour at the end of the day, he did two things: he was like his Patiño, and then, with the Magician Frank, I was an assistant.”


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