I perceive it as an attempt to exert a political influence on the operation of the formation I lead

I perceive it no different than as an attempt to exert a political influence on the operation of the formation headed by me – wrote the Chief Commander of the Police, Inspector General Jarosław Szymczyk in response to a letter from the PO chairman, Borys Budka. It concerned the actions of the police during Friday’s protest by LGBT activists in the center of the capital.

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Offensive entry by Budka

On Saturday, the chairman of PO Borys Budka posted on Twitter an entry about the Friday incidents that took place in the center of Warsaw.

I demand a meeting with the Police Commander in Chief regarding the use of officers for political purposes. I request information on the detention of citizens and aggressive behavior @PolskaPolicja during yesterday’s protests

– wrote the head of the PO. Under the entry, he posted a letter addressed to Inspector General Jarosław Szymczyk.

It is you, as the Police Commander in Chief, who are obliged to explain serious irregularities in the actions of officers that occurred during the protest. As the Police Commander in Chief, you should pay special attention to the separation of the Police from broadly understood politics and the government

– wrote Budka.

The police chief’s decisive answer

On Tuesday, the Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Inspector General, referred to Borys Budka’s letter. Jaroslaw Szymczyk.

I perceive such a demand, articulated by you as the President of the Parliamentary Club, no different than as an attempt to influence politically the operation of my formation. It does not in any way change the fact of my full responsibility for the actions of my subordinate officers, which I have never avoided and this time I am not going to

– wrote the commandant.

Szymczyk added that the right place to present the position of the Police Commander in Chief “seems to be, however, the Parliamentary Committee on Administration and Internal Affairs, in which representatives of all parliamentary groups could participate”.

I understand that by formulating in your letter the accusations about how you described it as “serious irregularities in the activities of Police officers” and by making your position public by publishing a letter addressed to me in the media, you have submitted or intends to submit a notification of a suspected crime to the appropriate organizational unit of the prosecutor’s office, along with the evidence making the accusations probable, so that the body appointed for this could conduct proceedings in this case

– underlined the Inspector General Szymczyk.

He stressed that it was the prosecutor’s or court’s decisions and the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Administration and Internal Affairs that should be used to “objectively and ultimately verify” the allegations formulated by Borys Budka.

Meanwhile, attached, I am sending you a short excerpt from the rich film material that is at the disposal of the Police, hoping that its analysis will allow for an objective look at the events taking place in the very center of Warsaw on August 7, 2020.

– wrote Szymczyk.

I believe that this material, which I am ready to present to a much greater extent during the meeting of the above-mentioned Parliamentary Committee on Administration and Internal Affairs, will allow you to rely on the facts, and not – as you admit yourself – on “media reports” or impressions “. In particular, it should make it easier for you to objectively assess who presented an “aggressive attitude” during the protest.

– the Police Commander in Chief emphasized in a letter to the head of the PO.

What did Budka do to stop the attacks?

He also expressed his deep hope that Borys Budka was “able to stop unjustified political attacks on Polish policemen who, risking their own lives and health every day, guard the safety of Poland and Poles and the observance of law and order in our Homeland,” wrote Gen. insp. Jaroslaw Szymczyk.

On Friday, in connection with the arrest for activist Michał Sz. – introducing himself as Małgorzata Sz. “Margot” held a protest in front of the Warsaw headquarters of the Campaign Against Homophobia. The protesters moved to Krakowskie Przedmieście, where there were clashes with the police – among others, police car. The police detained a total of 48 people. All detainees left their headquarters; they were accused of active participation in the gathering; five people also have other allegations.

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