I really like the idea for the family Xbox Game Pass plan. Will this move force Sony to act?


The rumors turned out to be true. Microsoft does have plans to refresh its subscription. And it’s not about any other form of adding games, easier access to the service in the PC application, or leveraging the prices of individual plans. The giant from Redmond decided to start testing the family variant of the Xbox Game Pass, which will allow you to play for an even smaller amount.

If you slept last week, I will devote this paragraph to a kind of reminder. In Colombia and Ireland, the first interested parties can test the new subscription plan, which will allow the “head of the family” to invite as many as four users (they must be from the same country as the person paying the subscription) to their subscription. The price of such pleasure will be 22 euros, so we can expect that in Poland we will have to pay about 100 zlotys. Briefly speaking: 20 zlotys per head, if we are thinking of spending the service with friends or indeed other family members.

The Xbox Game Pass smells fresh

Compared to the current price, which is PLN 55 per month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the family Xbox Game Pass plan is a step forward and encouraging more customers to become interested in Microsoft’s offer. Phil Spencer and company are striving to increase the number of people who would use Game Pass and I am sure that this plan will bring them closer to it – assuming, of course, that people connected to the subscriptions of the payer will also count as players with active subscriptions.

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Based on data from January this year, Xbox Game Pass had 25 million subscribers a few months ago, and when the family plan goes into effect, the “greens” will certainly be able to enjoy the gradually arriving, more million customers – considering that as I mentioned above, using the subscription will be even cheaper than before. Personally, I like this idea very much, because I believe that the more interested people are, the more Microsoft will consistently pull heavy guns, which will encourage people to be interested in their offer more and more.

The family Xbox Game Pass plan looks great against the background of the refreshed PlayStation Plus, and if we do not only look at the catalog of games / classics, and focus only on prices, it even outclasses its main rival. The PlayStation Plus Extra plan (the mid-range one with PS4 / PS5 games) costs PLN 58 per month and as much as PLN 400 per year. In turn, the PS Plus Premium variant (the one with the classics) costs PLN 70 a month and PLN 480 a year. Even if we want to read the catalog of PS4 and PS5 titles, we will have to pay almost PLN 40 more than in the case of the family Xbox Game Pass plan – if, of course, we get along with the rest of the customers who want to connect to our subscription. Simple math says that in a month’s PS Plus Extra we will have 3 months of Game Pass.

Cheaper gaming = more customers?

PS Plus Extra

And while this one month with PS Plus Extra can be swallowed, if we want to check, among others, exclusive games, in the long run, paying for PS Plus Extra – in my opinion – will not be as profitable as the Xbox Game Pass in the family variant. Both companies update their services every month, but the creators of PlayStation do not intend to include productions from first-party teams, or simply: “exes”. After reviewing the items that we’ve been interested in before, the best choice seems to be unsubscribing and waiting for more games to accumulate that we would like to check.

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On the other hand, the green side of the barricade, we can enjoy the “exami” on the day of the premiere, although those in 2022 are like medicine. The teams from Xbox Game Studios are doubling up and tripping, but the rockets will only be launched from the Redmond headquarters in 2023, when Starfield, Redfall, Avowed or the new Forza Motorsport enter the market. Assuming that the family Xbox Game Pass plan will go to Poland at the end of 2022, for the annual access to a huge catalog of games, we will have to pay about PLN 240, when this amount is only enough for 4 months of PS Plus Extra.

If the refreshed Xbox Game Pass really makes its debut, and Microsoft, after extensive tests in Colombia or Ireland, does not decide that you need to raise the price or introduce any restrictions on placing high-budget games for people subscribing to others, the giant from Redmond will start the next calendar year with a huge plus among video game fans. Thanks to this solution, the gameplay will become simpler, more pleasant and, of course, cheaper. Is it for the time? Probably yes, but you have to use it while you can. It is also possible that Sony will react to the above-mentioned move, while not allowing its main rival to come out so confidently in the lead. And this is only good for us, the players.

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