“I remember that Queen Elizabeth …”, obsession-fascism – Libero Quotidiano

A Italy tonight we talk about the future of Europe, of Hungary, of Viktor Orban. And guest in connection with Barbara Palombellion Rete 4, here Andrea Romano, of the Pd. Which also manages to enlist the Queen Elizabeth in the phantom anti-fascist army. Phantomatic because it is not clear what type of fascism should be fought.

“I’m not that pessimistic. Meanwhile I remember that Elizabeth as a young princess over an anti-fascist militantI feel like saying: she worked for Great Britain, also carrying out auxiliary functions, precisely against the Nazi-Fascist aggression “, said Aldo Romano.

“Says good Aldo Cazzullo – he resumes -: anti-fascism is a value of all democrats. But the topic you raised, Barbara, concerns Europe more closely, not just the planet. Also in Europe two models are confronted: one is that of our democracies, imperfect for charity. The other is not that of classical dictatorships, but of democracies, that strange intersection between democracy and dictatorship – Piddino remarks -. I’ll take the example of Viktor Orban’s Hungary, where people certainly vote, but there aren’t all those guarantees that make a democracy a democracy “, Andrea Romano concludes.



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