I Remind You Again, NU Was Founded By An Entrepreneur Named Nadhlatut Tujjar

JK said that NU was also founded by businessmen named Nadhlatut Tujjar (Source: PKB TV screenshot)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Jusuf Kalla (JK) said that one thing that was forgotten in history was the issue of the founding of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), which according to him was the contribution of entrepreneurs and traders.

According to JK, in its history, apart from the ulama, NU was also founded by businessmen and traders. His name is Nahdlatut Tujjar, or the rise of merchants.

This was stated by JK in a discussion held by PKB entitled Halaqoh Satu Abad NU: Contributive Ideas to Build Economic Independence for Nahdlyin in Jakarta.

“I remind you again, NU was founded by traders and entrepreneurs. His name is Nahdlatut Tujjar. Just like Syarikat Islam (SI) which was established from Syarikat Dagang Islam, ”said JK as followed COMPASS.TV on PKB’s YouTube, Thursday.

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He also gave an example of the Prophet in his life who was also a successful trader.

“The Messenger of Allah has also been a trader for 27 years. This is why one of them must follow this,” said JK.

JK, who is also the PBNU Syuriah, then explained about the side entrepreneur NU is actually very high.

Moreover, according to him, pesantren can also educate many people besides religion, as well as become entrepreneurs.

“For example, NU people can build thousands of Islamic boarding schools without any help from the government,” he added.


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