“I saw the photos on the phone.” And in the end Icardi appears

Wanda Nara breaks the silence later the scandal that overwhelmed his marriage with Mauro Icardi. The entrepreneur gave an interview to her friend Susana gimenez talking for the first time about what happened with her husband. On Argentine TV, on a trip to Paris, he confessed that he found out the love triangle and her husband’s betrayal with Eugenia “China” Suárez from phone.

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Wanda Nara, the sensational interview

“How did it start? Have you seen Mauro’s phone? “Susana asked about the start of the crisis. “We were in a field, the girls were riding horses and I looked for a photo on the phone. There I saw screenshots of a chat with a very famous woman you already know “, he said, referring to Suárez without ever mentioning her.

Wanda Nara, the Argentine TV special

What aired on Telefe News is a preview of a special that Susana Giménez shot in Paris to show the life of Wanda and Icardi in the French capital and face the scandal. The recordings were made in various places in the “ville lumière”. In the interview with the Eiffel Tower in the background, Wanda Icardi clarified: «I am an old-fashioned woman: for me a small message is divorce … We have never had problems of this type, I swear to you about my five children. When I saw the message, I took my five children and got on the first plane to Italy ».

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Wanda Nara, the betrayal of Mauro Icardi

After the first reaction and the story of Instagram who has gone around the world, souls have calmed down. “We talked a lot, he told me to think about family, which was the mistake of his life. It can happen to anyone, the important thing is that we managed to put a stop to the relationship “. Wanda Nara also spoke about the names used for the Suárez: “The first thing I did was apologize for that story with a not very elegant word …” “It’s understandable, it’s human to make a mistake”Susana encouraged her.

Wanda Nara, reconciliation with Mauro Icardi

Finally, Wanda explained why she decided to forgive her husband: “We can continue to be together and I would start again with him. He’s sorry and I believe in forgiveness. I looked into his eyes, we were alone and I believe in his repentance … Everything in life happens for a reason, the important thing is love. We both had the opportunity to choose each other again ». And at the end Mauro Icardi appeared.

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