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The ex-president Eduardo Duhalde admitted yesterday that “he should not have said” what he said about a coup scenario in the country, he affirmed that his statements are due to “a response linked to the momentary loss of the mind, which disengages from reality”, and said feel “calm” after politicians from various parties and the Defense Minister himself, Agustín Rossi, ruled out any possibility of a possible coup.
In an interview, Duhalde responded to the critics that he received from a good part of the political arch, human rights organizations and unions for his sayings about the possibility of a breakdown of the constitutional order in the country.
“I have heard all the repercussions from many friendly people. What does a former president If a person whom you have a lot of trust tells you that they are preparing a coup? ”
Last Monday, in television statements, Duhalde had expressed that “it is ridiculous that they think that next year there will be elections. Why are there going to be elections? ”, Adding that“ between 1930 and 1983 there were 14 military presidents ”and that“ whoever ignores that militarism is getting back on its feet in America does not know what is happening ”.
The former president revealed that upon being alerted by a “gentleman of the Army” about the possibility of a coup He immediately transmitted it to Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and then to Defense Minister Agustín Rossi.
“When they tell me that, I wanted to find Rossi, I couldn’t do it, I called Cristina, I told her this is happening and she told me: ‘Go immediately to see Rossi’ and on July 18 I went to see him. I told him exactly what I knew and he said: ‘Eduardo I am absolutely convinced that the Forces Armed They are defending the democratic system, but I’m going to find out, ‘”Duhalde said.
However, “I was still afraid because, unlike the majority, I lived, I was a municipal mayor of Lomas de Zamora, the 1976 coup with extraordinary drama. Many people lived it with a lot of drama, not only (for having) disappeared children, but also hundreds of thousands of prodded, “he added.

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