I smack in front of him. I couldn’t change him, even if his shorts fell off

The duel between Bohemians and Jablonec brought an emotional and interesting match. The guests scored the first outdoor win of the season, but at the same time they lost two Malinsky and Pilař players. In the end, the wild match turned out better for the North Bohemian club, which was so well attuned to Thursday’s battle to stay in the Conference League.

Finally, his charges won outside and gained three important points, which are very difficult to collect this season. “We have won after a long time. We drove here on tiptoes because we saw Bohemka on Wednesday. We had a bit of a problem because we were on artificial grass all week. But we wanted to grab something here. The first half was better and we dominated, we probably had every bounced ball. We were angry. We took the lead with Čvančara and before the half we set it 2: 0. The first half was well excited, we combined, Čvančara kept a lot of balloons, we also had strong regions. I didn’t even have to talk much about the half, the players were motivated. But we got a goal right away, which fortunately was not recognized, there was more effort from Bohemka, she regrouped the ranks, “ the Council assessed the confrontation with the Kangaroos.

In the second half, Jablonec weakened considerably, but in the end he managed to turn his lead from the first half into a win. “However, we were frozen by Malínský’s expulsion, but after the expulsion of Pilař it was already very difficult. At nine in the field, it’s already a strong bite, saying we’re not in any comfortable situation. We had to pull in, then we played 4-3-1. We were well served. But what I want to say that I smack in front of Tomáš Hübschman, to play such a match in his years, let’s take an example and joy from that. I wouldn’t replace him today, even if his shorts fell off, “ Jablonec’s coach continued.

But two red cards saddened him. “I haven’t seen those situations at that distance, I don’t have such good eyesight at my age. The other one was rather strict to me. But I want to tell you the whistling trend? Soccer is a contact sport. I know thousands of footballers, but if we evaluate it that way, those thousands of footballers could never play football. Then we wonder that when we come to Europe, don’t tell us. “ added the Council to the address of the judges.

Source: fkjablonec.cz


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