“I thank Riquelme”: the message of a Boca idol for the vice president

After going through a bad time, now an idol of Boca enjoy your present. And in large part it is due to Juan Román Riquelme. “I am happy, content, especially for being with my family and doing what I like in these times,” he said. Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya in an interview with Radio La Red. And the intervention of the second vice president of Xeneize was fundamental for that.

What happened? The “Mono” was coordinator of the lower divisions of the blue and gold team but had to resign from his position. «In June I spoke with Román to ask him to travel to Spain to speak with my family. I was alone in Buenos Aires, they were in Madrid. It seemed like a difficult moment to me, complicated from a personal point of view. And also from a professional point of view because we couldn’t train the boys, ”he explained.

«It was anticipated that there would be no activity in the training area in Argentina. It seemed the most prudent thing to leave my position, “said the former goalkeeper and Boca idol about the situation he experienced in recent months. «The international situation made me want to stay in Spain with my family. I thank Riquelme for understanding my situation, “said Navarro Montoya about the understanding that Román had with him.

Your new job

From now on, the «Monkey» took on a new challenge in the CD Guadalajara of the third division of Spanish football. «The owners of Guadalajara are Argentines. They came to make me this proposal and the project seduced me. I am the coach of the team and the general manager in the football area, I am also in charge of the youth team. So I’m happy, “said the legendary Argentine soccer goalkeeper.

Regarding his stage at Xeneize, Carlos regretted not being able to continue leading the youth team: «I was very excited, it was my second time at the Boca youth team. Developing this task in a high-level club, with an idea shared with Román, was very nice. But what happened happened. We had a great task to contain the boys with the weapons we had. “Covid-19 took us all away from everything,” he summarized.

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