“I think it is a more terrible disease than COVID-19 itself.”

Prof. Pelletier is a layperson, wife, mother and grandmother. He is also considered one of the leading theologians in France. She is a laureate of the Ratzinger Prize and – at the request of Pope Francis – the author of one of the considerations of the Way of the Cross in the Colosseum. She is also a member of the Vatican commission for the study of the diaconate of women.

Referring to the works of the Pontifical Academy of Life, prof. Pelletier emphasizes that tackling the complexity of bioethical problems today remains a very urgent challenge. In the context of the pandemic, notes that fraternity and solidarity, so much talked about, must be embodied in the concrete gestures and actions of politicians and communities responsible. “We need creative but also concrete actions that will allow us to overthrow the existing injustices and inequalities” – said Prof. Pelletier.

“The pandemic allowed us to experience solidarity on an international level in a truly unique way. We responded in solidarity to the challenge that touched the entire planet as scientists from all countries joined forces to respond to this disease. Unfortunately, as time goes on, we see more and more inequalities between countries and continents in the fight against the pandemic. We have left a world that has not satisfied us anymore, but we are not doing our best to build a better one. It is a huge challenge. Our reality today is a world full of conflicts, rivalry, ideological pressures, new walls. I think it is. is a more terrible disease for man than Covid-19 itself. Christians have a huge role to play in building a new, better world, of course together with other people. This human community, about which Francis talks so much, must be built on the basis of deep solidarity, which we all need it “- said prof. Pelletier.

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