I think that the Werner top signing Chelsea over? The Athletic says the opposite

As reports the authoritative British edition of the Athletic, Chelsea is not going to stop signing Timo Werner as the only top transfer, they will issue this summer. This list is not even included Ben Chilwell, which many think is a top signing, we are talking about other players who remain on the radar of the London club.

According to the newspaper, Chelsea has not stopped negotiations on the transfer of Kai Caverta and Jadon Sancho, who though still incredible expensive goals will be very difficult to sign, but it can join the ranks of the club from Stamford bridge in this transfer window. Despite the fact that bringing these artists need to spend a considerable sum of money, Chelsea will definitely try to sign one of them, because the tools for this is (in the sense that the club will not break the FFP rules, when implementing one of these transitions).

Sancho and Havers for a long time associated with the transition in “Chelsea”, but after all the authoritative media in one voice stated that the “blue” agreed to transfer Werner, many thought that now the money on Sancho Caverta or they simply will not, but The Athletic argues that the club is willing to spend, if you consider one of these transfers right from the sporting point of view.


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