“I vote, but not the pre-selection really excites, we need a change, otherwise we will starve to death”

Is there an agreement between Fidesz and the MSZP, as was previously said in a secret recording? – we were looking for the answer to this in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, where the majority of locals heard about the campaign scandal and many believe in dirty bargains. Pre-election report from Nyírség, where the atmosphere among the opposition candidates is gunpowder, perhaps that is why surprisingly many people go to the polls.

Keep a distance of ten meters and do not take photos without permission!

– one of the delegates of the opposition pre-election rushed to us at the polling station in the 5th constituency of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county in Mátészalka, when we started questioning the participants of the elections taking place there.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

At the county seat, a sharp wind and weak sunshine greeted voters on Tuesday, but the tension at the polling station was more depressing than the unpleasant weather. This is the area where the officially allied opposition parties were killed before the pre-election. This is because during the campaign, a member of the Democratic Coalition supporting the local socialist candidate spoke – there is a recording of this – of helping Fidesz voters to pre-select the MSZP candidate over Jobbik.

None of the parties concerned clarified what was said in a reassuring way – no investigation was launched, they simply refused to cooperate with Fidesz – and the said DK member left from the party. In the constituency István Földi, Jobbik’s candidate will compete with the support of LMP, Momentum, the Everyone’s Hungary Movement and the New World People’s Party With Ildiko Papp, supported by Dialogue and the Democratic Coalition. The two candidates mutually wish each other hell, and although they both tried to push the other back, they were unsuccessful.

Presumably due to this – as a kind of fortress demonstration – both the MSZP and the Jobbik marched with their own tents next to the polling station, near the Seven Leader Ornamental Wells in Mátészalka, from where the two candidates watched their opponent’s campaign movements out of the corner of their eyes.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu István Földi and Dr. Ildikó Papp

Of the two, Ildiko Papp liked less that we asked voters about the conditions of the local pre-election. When we arrived, the socialist candidate started videotaping us and then started making feverish phone calls. Presumably at his call, he grew up there in the blink of an eye József Halmi, the county president of the MSZP, the mayor of Győrtelek, otherwise the representative of the Fidesz parliament of the region, To Sándor Kovács a good friend of childhood. His ex-wife, from the DK Jakab Tímea spoke on the Fidesz-MSZP agreement in the already mentioned recording. At the same time, Halmi finds it more problematic that, according to him, the right-wingers recorded the recording using “ÁVH methods”. He reiterated that no agreement had been reached with Fidesz and believed that his friendship with Sándor Kovács was being used for political purposes. As he said, this matter has not become anything locally, many people come to choose – especially in the city – and do not bring up the issue of sound recording.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

At the same time, although very few spoke to us, the majority of those interviewed were aware of the alleged local Fidesz-MSZP bargain. A middle-aged woman also commented on the admission and pre-selection stoppage at the end of last week:

I have heard the recording, I very much believe that there is an agreement and I find it strange that the vote has stopped over the weekend. This is what happens when Jobbik leads. This was also the case in the previous parliamentary election, when everything stopped for a long time and then Fidesz won by two thirds.

Presumably from his words, voter Jobbik also spoke about the need for change in the region because emigration is very high.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

A young couple also heard that there could be some kind of cooperation between the local socialists and Fidesz, they think there must be dirty deals. The 21-year-old man and his 19-year-old girlfriend did not allow themselves to be photographed because they were afraid of their jobs. They work as a trained optician, but since the two of them earn only 250,000 forints in four shifts, they will move to Budapest.

I would have to work for 57 years to buy a house in Mátészalka, well their mother. We are moving up from here to Pest, because we will starve to death. I’m not doing this here anymore.

They think there would be a chance for the opposition, but they don’t believe the election will be regular, and they also cited the technical shutdown in the 2018 election as an example. The young people Jakab Péterre they voted, as they said, because of their karakan and marked personality. If there is no change, they will go abroad, they said.

We could stand here for three years, there are so many problems with the system. For example Viktor Orban he says let’s pick up CSOK. So then I make three kids for my 19 year old girlfriend and then what do I keep them from? Nobody says that, only that it is ten million forints. This money is not enough in Mátészalka either, because the one-room panel – in which we live – would cost 16 million if we bought it, and then where do you put three children. I just have so many questions

He brushed. Then he added:

For seven years, my mother has been a ribbon leader in a shoe factory that produces shoes for 30,000 forints. Your salary is 142 thousand forints, from which to make a living? I will vote, but the pre-selection is not really exciting, change is needed, otherwise we will starve.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

An elderly couple who seemed informed also heard the leaked audio recording of a possible agreement between the MSZP and Fidesz, but they do not believe there would be such a bargain.

This is a rumor, a lie. Maybe Mr. Halmi’s ex-wife said such things out of revenge

– they said.

Ildikó Papp, who was standing in a nearby tent, also heard our questions.

I don’t want to comment because I don’t want more circuses. We’re pretty much beyond anything, and I don’t want them to twist what I have to say in any form. If your colleague shoots someone, will you be held accountable? This is the same situation. Why am I being asked what my local DK party member said?

Márton Mohos / 24.hu Dr. Ildikó Papp

We also asked his opponent, István Földi, who became the mayor of Kocsord in the 2016 by-elections, but was replaced last year. The Hungarian Orange Article according to him until his election as mayor he was accused of espionage and later even condemned Béla Kovács he was an assistant to a Member of the European Parliament. As mayor, Földi made a decision to reallocate municipal funds, which resulted in a fine of HUF 300,000, and the investigation of an unknown perpetrator may also affect him, which is being carried out by the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters. The MSZP would have stepped back on Earth because of these issues.

The Jobbik candidate spoke succinctly about whatever “campaign move” they were making, their political opponents were following them, so it turned out that both parties had camped at the central venue of the pre-election. According to him, by the way, most people have heard that Fidesz and the MSZP are colluding locally in the pre-election. He said the participation is high, many are coming. On Monday, 253 votes were cast in the Mátészalka tent alone.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu István Földi

This was also visible on the spot. Voters arrived at the tent almost in a row. There were some of them Ferenc Gyurcsány he wanted to vote, but also someone who, in a rather drunken state, explained why he hated Viktor Orbán.

Participation in the pre-election is also high nationwide, by Friday the number of voters exceeded 270,000. This could be felt not only in Mátészalka, with a population of 16,000, but also, for example, in the Őr settlement with only 1,400 inhabitants. During our brief visit, we met with half a dozen voters on Tuesday, and the pre-election delegates also reported that a surprising number of people were contributing to the tent. Guard political activity is also particularly interesting because since 1990 the same independent mayor, Miklós Hódi leads the village.

At the same time, the voters in the small village were even more distrustful than those in Mátészalka. Only one voter spoke to us at the tent set up at the local grocery store, but he was also careful.

Don’t take photos because I don’t get a pension!

He said, and although we tried to convince him that such retaliation could hardly be achieved, he did not believe it. At the same time, he said that he had voted for the DK and said he would deserve a statue of Ferenc Gyurcsány, just like the ’56 prime minister, Imre Nagy (who already has a statue).

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

We also had a cool welcome in Ópályi, barely three thousand people. The settlement used to be with that has been in the newsthat he withdrew hundreds of millions of forints from the European Union a few years ago due to the opposition to the local Roma. Here, if possible, the vote took place under even more controlled conditions. In front of the pre-election tent set up on the main road, the car of the local civil guard was parked and two uniformed people were watching the arrivals. It did not turn out that they were waiting there to prevent possible conflicts or because the leadership of the municipality was interested in the circumstances of the pre-election. However, there was less interest here, at least based on our experience. One-on-one voters — mostly retirees — arrived, but the Ancsa grocery store and Saci florist across the street proved to be much more popular. Upon our arrival, one of the bodyguards immediately began to take action.

On what occasion are they on camera?

The bodyguard asked sternly, then agreed that we could take photos in the public area.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

Although the topic in the local pre-election tent was not the voting, but the making of the brandy and the failed mash, our question was revealed that 73 voters voted in Ópályi in the afternoon, which is a nice number according to the locals. Among the voters is the one facing retirement Gyula also, who was almost the only one willing to tell me about why he came to choose:

At that time, Viktor Orbán also sold this duma 11 years ago, which was Jakab Péter. He also says it will be good for everyone and we’ll see. It is clear that change is needed. But there is little chance of defeating Fidesz. I don’t think so. Viktor is also very strong.

Márton Mohos / 24.hu

The man has been involved in animal husbandry since 1988, but the plague took the animals, so he preferred to finish. As he said, it was no longer worth it to him, several times he was not paid. It was then that it became clear why he had talked to us, he no longer had a bet on whether he would make a statement, because he had a year until his retirement, and by then, he said, they could no longer harm him.


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