I want to work less and earn more now. “Lavi” Štáfek is simply not correct and (probably) will not. VIP scandals and affairs


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Description: Jakub Štáfek in his iconic role of Lavi in ​​Vyšehrad Fylmu

The Vyšehrad football series is one of the wildest on Czech streams. The story of the talented football player Julius “Lavi” Lavický, who tarnished his talent in the company of friends and light ladies, was so grossly incorrect that almost everyone had to do at least a bit to make sure that it was possible to shoot a (non) sports comedy. After four years of work, the author and main representative Jakub Štáfek is now presenting the feature sequel Vyšehrad – Fylm in cinemas.

A year after the troublemaker Lavi said goodbye in the series by selling the match, but forgot about it and scored a beautiful goal, it looks like he’s finally starting to get a little better. Although his agent says that he is still the same dementia, he and Vyšehrad surprisingly dug into the second league, where he leads the table of shooters. He only has one girl, and he’s marrying her. The wedding is magnificent, but only cheerful for a while. Until it turns out that Lavi already has an eight-year-old child. The newlyweds don’t like that very much, moreover, it is necessary to take care of the child, which Lavi can’t do much. Together with a group of strange creditors, one disaster after another is rushing at the slightly improved football player.

Wedding like a thong

Jakub Štáfek and Martin Kopp made the film based on a screenplay by Tomáš Vávra. The main character became not only a director, but also a producer, so he had the whole project firmly in his hands with his friends. It is obvious that it will not be a subtle comedy. Lavi has grown slightly, but it’s still a fucking head. If he has to make a living with his golden feet (and he can’t do anything else), it costs a lot of people around him.

Lavi and Fylmu

Four years with Lavi

Jakub Štáfek spent four years filming Vyšehrad. It was not entirely easy to raise money for a coarse-grained comedy. Even though there were plenty of people interested in financing, in the end it always stopped in some legal or marketing department. It just didn’t want to associate the brand with Lavi with serious companies. In an interview for iDnes, however, Jakub Štáfek boasts that in the end, despite the covid madness, two loyal sponsors remained, and also thanks to them, the film finally hits theaters after four years.

When Jakub and Lavi started – in the series

He mated at the age of twenty, and became a model father at the age of thirty

Jakub Štáfek has a lot in common with Lavi, but the main difference is that the judges gave him a head, not a leg. But he also had a tumultuous youth. He graduated from the Private Secondary School of Arts and Management and threw himself headlong into the nightlife of Prague. “At 20, for me, one party after another was the driving force, and the train didn’t go through it. It was the main thing that interested me. And now, at thirty, I don’t like it that much anymore. But it’s probably not a parallel with Lavi. It’s more about age and values. “

Among his ex-girlfriends is Monika Timková (pictured), who was supposed to break up with him due to his alleged affairs with Agáta Prachařová. He now forms a couple with Dominika Doležalová. Photo Imax

His pregnancy and the birth of his daughter brought him a change in values. At the end of last year, he declared in the Jan Kraus Show that he had three major resolutions for 2022: to get Vyšehrad: Fylm finally to the cinemas, to get married and to reconstruct housing. So at the moment he is screwing up furniture and he devotes a lot of time to his annual daughter. Originally, he said he wanted a boy, like almost every guy, but already a girl has it wrapped around her finger. The film in distribution and the assembled furniture will therefore, as it turns out with the wedding, is not yet known.

From the current series of civilian photos … Photo by Zuzana Panská

Streets and Specialists

Although Jakub Štáfek claims that he did not want to be an actor and does not want to, the audience remembers him mainly from the television screen. As a boy, he collaborated with the amateur theater Radar, and from there the audition shot him into the then-beginning series Ulice. Matěj Jordán’s children’s role gradually changed into a teenage one and finally into an adult one. He has experienced a lot in the Street and certainly thanks to this endless series he has many good acquaintances in the industry, so he moves like a fish in water in the film and television industry.

This is how it started in Street … Photo TV Nova

And this is where Matěj Jordán ends, photo by TV Nova

Another big role was brought to him by the crime series Specialists, which he remembers a bit bitterly, because the end of “his” series party was unexpected: “Believe us, we were also sorry. But there was one lady, unfortunately just a creative producer, who, although I believe it worked, felt she had to replace our boss David Prachar. Martin Dejdar replaced him. I like him, I have nothing against him, but it has stopped working on our part. They just kind of broke the whole thing, so Honza Zadražil left and then me and Zuzka Kajnarová. We no longer saw any future in that. And I dare say that if David stayed there, we would still be doing it, because we really enjoyed it. But that’s the way it is, far worse things happen, “he says, losing his beloved role.

He imagined his ending in the Specialists completely differently. “Zuzka and I should have gone. To die a cruel and painful death, “he said. Photo TV Nova

He doesn’t like commercials

Streets, Specialists and many other television players earned him not only acquaintances, but also money to establish his own production company. He made several commercials, but then left the road. Advertising is too binding for him, because the client always has his conditions and does not allow the director to create freely. Theater is also nothing for him, he can imagine that he would produce some traveling performances, but anchoring in one theater is nothing for him. So where will he go next? His production office is moving these days. After four years with Vyšehrad, he wants to breathe a little and focus on major projects. “I want to work less and earn more,” he says with his still somewhat klack sincerity.

Still in the Vyšehrad series.

Martial arts

The turning point in his proverbial life brought him sport. After breaking up with the girl, he allegedly needed to drop the couple a bit, so he started training MMA. It is a tough sport and requires discipline. In any case, he forced Jakub to get up very early in the morning twice a week to catch his training. He even wrestled in the arena once and his opponent defeated KO. MMA considers it a sport that not only strengthens young boys, but also helps them to adjust their life priorities, so it not only trains it, but also promotes it among young people.

From the current series of civilian photos … Photo by Zuzana Panská

Lucie Bílá celebrates her birthday with the premiere of a new musical

Zlatá slavice will celebrate its birthday on Thursday, April 7, and as a gift to them, it will premiere the renewed musical Love is Love in its theater on the eve. The theatrical character Lucie Bílé – SHE, who is not satisfied with how the author wrote it, decides to dabble in his craft. Thanks to a theatrical trick, she finds herself in her bohemian father’s youth and tries to re-educate him in order to influence her destiny. You can enjoy the musical Love is Love in the beautiful premises of the Lucie Bílé Theater, where it returns after more than 10 years with a new cast and supplemented by new hits by Lucie Bílé. Of course, her friend Radek Filipi will come to congratulate her. But he definitely wants to be back at the premiere.

Radio Blaník is once again organizing a concert full of stars in Konopiště

Radio Blaník will celebrate its 23rd birthday and on Saturday, May 21, a number of Czech and Slovak celebrities will come to wish him a birthday concert in Konopiště. Radio listeners can look forward to, for example, Chinaski, Marek Ztracený, No Name, Slza, Hana Zagorová, Václav Neckář, Monika Absolonová, Petra Janů, Jakub Smolík and others.

Picture before covid – break. Photo by Radio Blaník

“For two years in a row, we had to forgive our traditional birthday concert because of the pandemic. The reason was the measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, we want to enjoy it all the more and it can be seen that even the listeners share our enthusiasm. This year, for the first time, we also launched online ticket sales via TicketLIVE, and the interest is really enormous. Of course, we also count on competitions for tickets broadcast by Rádio Blaník and on our social networks, “reveals Daniel Rumpík, program director of Rádio Blaník.

Jana Kolesárová likes to skate

We know the Slovak actress Jana Kolesárová mainly from the Polda series, but also from the successful comedy Prvok, Šampón, Tečka and Karel. As a police psychologist and the new head of the department, we will now see her together with David Matásk, Vladimír Polívka, Jitka Sedláčková and other stars in eight episodes of the sixth series of Poldy. The next continuation of the series will take a pair of police officers to yoga classes, a second-hand car shop, a historical fencing course or an ice rink. “It simply came to our notice then. We all skated there for several hours. I felt like we weren’t even filming and they were out there for fun. It was a nice refreshment from my classic therapeutic routine, “Jana Kolesárová recalled at the filming.

Jana Kolesárová next to Polívka. Photo FTV Prima

Eva Burešová no longer hides her pregnancy

The star of the ZOO series, Eva Burešová, is waiting for an addition to the family! Together with their partner, chef Přemek Forejt, they are in anticipation and looking forward to the baby. “It’s the most beautiful thing a woman can ever do. So if he wants children – and I’m glad I met before I was thirty, “smiles Eva Burešová, who literally shines with happiness. “I always wanted a big family. Four children, five children – although it’s not easy to handle. But the older I get, the more I realize how lucky I am to have succeeded, ”thanks the actress, who strokes her bloating belly at these words. “The baby still has a lot of work to do. We are not done, it is an extremely sensitive topic for me, so I was afraid to talk about it and I waited as soon as I could. It will be won when the baby is born, “explains Eva Burešová, why she is talking about pregnancy only now.

Although – a few people around her must have known from the beginning. “Eva Burešová informed us about her pregnancy in time, so we were able to work with it as part of the series of the ZOO, where she is the main character. We incorporated her joyous event into the story. Congratulations to Eva and her partner on behalf of the entire Prima television, “says Lenka Hornová, director of content at Prima television.

The marmot is inside, photo by Filip Soukup

Eva Burešová lingered for a long time with the announcement of the blessed state and now she explains why she did it. “I’m not the type to say everything about my privacy right away. Of course I would say that. I like to brag about any good news, but in this case, Přemek and I needed time. It is an extremely sensitive topic, “the actress explains why she did not want to confirm the information about the pregnancy, despite numerous questions. “I must say it’s a different pregnancy than when I was expecting Nathan. I feel good, but I won’t say more. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, what number of months am I – we’ll keep that to ourselves. At the beginning I was not very well, but Přemek helped me incredibly and I must say that both of our children are looking forward to the siblings, “concludes the actress.

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