News "I was born again" - Diario La Tribuna

“I was born again” – Diario La Tribuna

The editor in chief of the newspaper El País, Orlando Escoto, returned home safe and sound, after having overcome, by the will of God, this terrible virus that made him the first journalist affected by COVID-19 and which survives to the pandemic.

Resident in La Lima, Cortés, Escoto spent 17 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the “Leonardo Martínez” Hospital and another 19 days in the Recovery Unit of the Honduran Institute of Social Security (IHSS), where the colleague battled against this disease, until he was victorious.

“I only have words of thanks for all, to God mainly because he has allowed me to be born again; my wife, my children, my grandchildren, family. Thank you all”.

“To the owners, executives and staff of the newspaper El País, as well as the newspaper La Tribuna, to the directors of the College of Journalists of Honduras, to colleagues, friends and authorities who were aware of my health. I can only thank you, “he said from home.

His family received him with applause and with great joy.

Orlando Escoto is already in the heat of his home, receiving the attention of his family, carrying out a recovery process that will still allow him to be still for a few days, following the doctors’ instructions to the letter.

“These days I observed the dedication, professionalism, quality of care and candor in the care of doctors, nurses and staff who were attentive to each case, without distinction of social class or profession, in the rooms where we were. Thank you very much to all the doctors, nurses at the College of Engineers, Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital and Leonardo Martínez and Social Security ”, he recalled.

“If it hadn’t been for 911, which comes to my house to fetch me, I would have died. I had a 100 percent oxygen need when I was removed from my home. Thanks to 911 too, ”he said.

He spent 36 days in-house, but Orlando overcame the terrible pandemic.

As a person who has experienced this disease in the flesh, “I want to tell the population that COVID-19 exists, it is not a game. If they don’t go to the hospital on time, you die. I understand the need of people, but we must take the measures that they recommend, as they say, be at home and not go out, wear a mask, isolate yourself socially and not expose yourself to contaminating other people, “he recommended.

“COVID-19 exists and if it is not treated in time, they can die, I lived it and it is quite difficult to handle the situation. I did not lose faith or calm, I always kept positive that I was going to get out of this battle, ”Escoto recalled.

On the other hand, it recommends that the population refrain from being on the street. “I understand the need of people, but the virus is loose, you should be at home better,” he said.


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