"I was in a second state"


EXCLUSIVE – The Moldavian singer from Chisinau has made a real fascination with four coaches before choosing to work with Mika.

At the age of 26, Corina Cuniuc decided to make a new start under the name Coco by presenting herself at the blind auditions of The Voice . An experiment that had already tried in 2016 during the sixth edition of the Romanian version of the TV hook. Convinced by his powerful interpretation ofAll by himself Celine Dion, Jenifer, Julien Clerc, Soprano and Mika have discovered a mischievous and terribly playful young woman. One who speaks fluent English, French, Italian, Romanian and Russian is back on his journey.

Corina, did you plan your show with the coaches after your performance?
Not at all, I was really carried away by my mood at the time, it was completely spontaneous. On stage, I like being able to hide my stress by playing this very confident femme fatale that dominates the situation. Today, I do not even remember what I could say (the filming took place last November, ed), I experienced the present moment as if I were in a second state.

Do you remember when every coach is back?
Not at all, but I know that many have played when I pushed my voice very high. I knew it in a program like The Voice you had to show your vocal abilities to make the trigger occur. I already had the experience of The Voice in Romania and the same thing happened there for me. I did not expect to see the four coaches turn around. Before returning to the stage, with my sister and a friend, we had tried to imagine what it would be like. And I imagined that only Mika would turn …

Is that why you chose to work with him?
In my mind, I changed my mind all the time. One shot I saw with Soprano. Another time with Mika. So with Jenifer. With Julien Clerc, I was only afraid, he was deceiving me on his name and calling him Florent Pagny. (Laughs). But it was Mika who told me what I wanted to hear, saw the story I had imagined and I liked it. I enjoyed making this seduction game with him before he said yes and agreed to play with me, it was very nice.

"In Moldova, there is corruption to participate in the Eurovision"


How did you go from Moldova to France?
I arrived in 2012 to do the International Academy of Musical Comedy, it was an unexpected and interesting opportunity. And it was a special moment in my life, there would be a lot to say. My first year in France was not obvious, I do not know how many times I wanted to pack up and go home. I did not understand your language, for me French was Chinese! (Laughs.) And in the end, I resisted, I continued because I fell in love with France and especially with a Frenchman who helped me a lot to progress and integrate. I stayed in France until 2016.

Because you tried us The Voice this season?
Bruno Berberes had identified me at the Paris academy in 2012 and I discovered that I was made for the show. But he wanted me to progress in French before I could participate The Voice. I auditioned in 2013 but I was not ready yet. It made me angry and I had the impulse to seriously learn French. Then I worked and I blossomed in the hospitality industry. And in 2016, I was invited to participate in The Voice in Romania.

There, you also seduced the coaches before bowing to the battles and refusing to be caught in another team …
It was a spontaneous decision at the moment. Today I regret having made this choice because I have deprived myself of the rest of this experience. But I did not understand the idea of ​​working with a coach and then, suddenly, working with one of his competitors. I had come for Marius Moga, I wanted to move with him artistically during the show and even later. after The Voice Romania, I voluntarily retired. I was very criticized because of my game of seduction, it touched me. Last year, I wanted to come back, I called Bruno Berberes and he agreed to pass the auditions of The Voice. In France, I was told to stay the way they are, even Corina bad and flirtatious. And I'm ready to criticize, if you do not love me, it does not matter.

Why do you introduce yourself as Coco?
During the auditions, no one could correctly write my name, Corina Cuniuc, so I suggested that my name was Coco, it would have been easier. And at the same time, it was the opportunity to turn a page into my life as an artist and write a new one with this new name. I wanted to start a new story and forget the negative things of the past. The Voice as Coco is a new beginning for me.

You have tried the Moldovan national competition for Eurovision three times …
At home, it's not a big event so it's not very difficult to participate. Just pay to register. I can tell you that, at home, it's a show where there's corruption, it's no longer a secret. I tried my luck for the experience, but I did not want to pay to represent Moldova on Eurovision.

So this is not a race that you will try again …
No, it's part of my past. On the other hand, if I am asked to represent France for example, it would be with pleasure. But first you have to marry a Frenchman, right? (Laughs).

Coco on the Internet
– Instagram: @ Coco_the_Voice_8



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