"I was so taken for a nunuche …"


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Mireille Mathieu at the Bar du Bristol (Le Bristol Hotel, Paris), 16 November.
Mireille Mathieu at the Bar du Bristol (Le Bristol Hotel, Paris), 16 November. CLAUDE GASSIAN FOR THE WORLD

"Mireille ends an interview with the Belgian press, then it's up to you!" At the Bristol bar, it's like Love at first sight in Notting Hill. In this Parisian building that considers her second home, Mireille Mathieu continues the interviews to promote her new album, My classicswhere he faces Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Schubert and a number of other composers.

Recorded in Prague in February 2017, perfected at Abbey Road Studios in London at the start of this year, the album was released in November to make it the perfect Christmas present.

Well targeted: the first few figures that fall this afternoon place the record at the top of the sales of the classic. While his manager Balou controls the ballet of journalists and photographers, while the make-up artist corrects the lipstick, Matite and Christiane Mathieu have come to celebrate this success with their sister. "And you, did you like the record?" asks Christiane while waiting for the end of the photo shoot. Floating light.

Adored in Russia, mocked in France

Mireille Mathieu. Yes, "la" Mireille Mathieu. The one whose fringe and voice has not wavered since his debut in 1962. The one that recorded 1,200 songs and sold nearly 200 million records worldwide. The star loved in Russia and Japan … and so much fun in France.

"Mireille Mathieu has neither reason nor left, she is where we put her," Guy Bedos had been screaming for years. "I was so caught up in a nunuche that hurt me, especially at the beginning, he confides his interest by sitting on the velvet garland seat at the back of the bar. Of course, I had some gaps. I was extremely shy and I panicked journalists. But at least I traveled the world, and I continue. And then, I had to leave a little bit of time! "

"I'm dyslexic, left-handed, I did not like school at all, my mother told the director," Mireille can not do anything. "

At the age of 72, interpreter of A thousand doves he still does not want to give up the delicate white collar on his black dress or on his bowl. "Never without my blows! If you love me or do not love me, it's me, I feel good like that, she ensures by ordering a lime tea – excellent before her daily vocalizations.


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