“I was very damaged personally”

Smiling and serene, the mayor of Verviers was re-officialized at the head of the city this Friday, following the vote of the new majority pact in the municipal council.

You will be able to experience a more serene and calming holiday than last year (Editor’s note: the crisis began on June 28) …

Yes. But we’re not going to redo the whole story, we know what happened. For a month we have had an agreement and we were able to discuss again with all the players in this crisis. Everyone shared their feelings and frustrations. Everything has been put on the table. Personally, I was very damaged. But the differences have been smoothed out and I am capable of resilience, so we can work together again in the interest of the City and develop our projects.

> Muriel Targnion also talks about what allowed her to hold out, the change in working methods at college, her future in politics, etc.


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