“I wash my face every day”

After spending hundreds of hours a year studying all kinds of illnesses and ailments, delving into the subject and even knowing first-hand real cases, it is inevitable that health personnel are much more aware of the need to carry out some habits to avoid problems doctors.

This has been demonstrated by the medical student and TikTok user @martiumedicinashowing in a video some of the habits that he has begun to carry out and incorporate into his routine since he studied medicine.

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the skin of the face. Well, for starters, the young woman reveals that she now washes her face every day in the morning and at night and puts on sunscreen. A routine that she has incorporated into her life after attending a dermatology conference: “It is the best tool to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles,” she says.

Hands. But not only that, the young woman assures that now she also washes her hands more continuously: “Since I studied micro and I am aware of the number of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that exist and are everywhere, you really think about it and it’s worth washing your hands.”

The young woman emphasizes putting on sunscreen and not drinking tap water


Bottled water. Finally, the young woman assures that she has started to drink bottled water instead of the tap because the excess lime in the water we drink every day can give us kidney stones and often this lime is in the pipes of the buildings.

in numbers. A series of habits that have not taken long to go viral with tens of thousands of visits and all kinds of comments about it: from those who have been impressed, to those who assure that they have been carrying out the routines proposed by the young woman for a long time. .

top comments. “Well, since I started sunbathing 20 minutes a day without sunscreen, I began to absorb vitamin D”, “The thing about washing your face in the morning, and at night I thought it was normal for everyone. The thing about the hands too, but we already saw with the pandemic that no”, “I do not study medicine but I have been doing it all since I was 15 years old”, “It is true about the microbes that are on our hands… but it is also important to have a system very strong immune… we are designed to live”, “I did not study medicine and I have been doing it since I was 15… it is common sense”, “I used sunscreen to avoid the possibility of skin cancer and I stopped using it when I saw that several contain substances carcinogenic” or “Filtered jug water, from a bottle it has bisphenols, nothing good either”, have been some of the most popular reactions.

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