I wasn’t afraid that Sick would take my place, joker Pernica joked. He is pleased that Pilsen has reached Slavia

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He allegedly betted a win of four zeros before the match. “Two goals are above the plan. We are satisfied, no one expected six zeros, “rejoiced Pernica, who forcibly stood for the last two matches due to a red card from the October wild hit in Eden (defeat 0: 2). the second yellow and the third Plzeňák Mosquera, and Pernica was even more pleased.

“I did not agree that I got a straight red, not even with the decision of the disciplinary commission. I didn’t expect two hard matches. Unfortunately they came out badly, I didn’t play for almost a month, there was a national team break. I was very much looking forward to the match with Bohemka, “said the 31-year-old defender.

“The last matches did not work out for us, we needed to catch up again. We needed such a win even before an important match in Slovácko. It is gratifying that six different players shot against Bohemka. Among them are those who have not met for a long time. I’m also glad we’re almost complete, the players are back after the penalty. “
Michal Bílek, coach of Pilsen

Pilsen had the only stopper at its disposal in the last match in Ostrava, and coach Bílek put forward the forward Chorý to Hejd. “I wasn’t afraid that Choras would deprive me of my place,” Pernica joked. “I watched the match on TV, I couldn’t help him. But he managed it well,” added the Pilsen stopper, who now has 19 goals in the Czech league. . His partner from the center of defense Hejda by one more. Does he have the motivation to catch up?

“Before the match, I thought about the goal, in the end I actually won. I think nineteen goals per stopper are good. But that I would like a goal, not at all. We’re on the field with Hejdis to make the defense work. But we can see that we can score a goal, which is a plus for us, “pleases Pernica, who pushed through his head on the back pole after the center of Čermák.

In a week, Victoria will face a direct battle for second place in Slovácko, which lost its victory in České Budějovice (2: 3). Three goals collected in numerical advantage. “They led by two goals, Budejovice got the red. I saw it as done. This is probably what Slovácko thought. Good thing we lost. On Sunday, it will be who and with whom, “said Pernica, whose face is traditionally decorated with a thick mustache all November.

He is actively involved in the Movember charity event. Its purpose is to raise funds while raising awareness of male diseases such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer. “I have been in this habit for seven years. But I’m looking forward to shaving on Wednesday, “laughed Pernica.


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