I went to Gelendzhik, but I ended up in Vinnitsa. Does Nikolaev cover the rest with his lover on Instagram posts?


The composer was by chance seen in a completely different country while Proskuryakova was sitting alone at home.

The summer is not over yet and Igor Nikolaev has already set to work. A couple of days ago, together with the team, he went on tour and left his wife Julia Proskuryakova with his son at home. For a long time she visited her parents in Yekaterinburg, but when she arrived home, she could not spend time completely with her husband. It seems he was so anxious to leave the family nest that he didn't even give his wife a few days. One of his fans helped to understand why the artist could "escape" from Moscow.

Now Igor is in Gelendzhik. At least, the sea background posts appear on his Instagram, but one of the comments below made me think. The user wrote that recently a person similar to Nikolaev was seen in the center of Vinnitsa. The passerby was so similar to the composer that the young man decided to ask again. There was no response. Does Igor cover the rest with his mistress by exposing old photographs, even if he is in a completely different country?

It is not clear how Igor rode to the sea and ended up in a city in Ukraine. On the one hand, Instagram's user may be wrong, but usually such coincidences are not random. Rumors of Proskuryakova and Nikolaev's divorce have been around for a long time, so it is likely that the composer found joy in the arms of another woman.



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