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"I will go broke before having another wrestling match"


"I'm done, my ringing career is over."

For the first time ever, WWE faces stiff competition from an upstart wrestling promotion with plenty of funding. AEW made its debut a few months ago with a couple of notable WWE deserters on their team in Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, who cited "emotional exhaustion" as the cause of his change of employment . Unfortunately, neither the WWE nor the AEW, nor any global fight on the subject, will ever host Dave Bautista. The wrestler has transformed the declared actor "irrevocably withdrawn" from sports entertainment during a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet.

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"This is a real wrestling retreat," said Bautista to Van Vliet, "I finished, my career in the ring is over, I would like to go back to the show because I love the company, I believe in the product, so I'll go back to the show , and if they ask me to go to the Hall of Fame, I'll do it … But I won't have another wrestling match, I'll go broke before having another wrestling match, and I won't go to fight for another promotion, it won't happen ".

"I'm not going to fight for another promotion," Bautista continued. "Not gonna happen." In his last outing with WWE, Bautista lost a decision for his former mentor Triple H during Wrestlemania 35. As the story suggested, a loss of Bautista was supposed to insinuate that his Leviathan character had been written once and for all on the book of fairy tales. By all accounts, Bautista is better to focus however on his prosperous acting career.




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