I will make my daughter’s suffering worthwhile

He barely answers the phone, Walter Rupprecht breaks down in tears: yesterday, after a series of medical omissions in hospitals Mexico and Switzerland, his daughter Ana Lucia lost the battle against leukemia who suffered for more than a year.

Walter and Ana Lucía flew to Europe on January 28, amid a wave of protests over the shortage of drugs to treat cancer. With the money counted, the minor’s family opted to take her to the Children’s Hospital in the city of Zurich, where, according to those affected, the doctors also did not supply her with medicines in sufficient doses and omitted some key procedures for treatment.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Walter shares that on Monday they will deliver the ashes of his little girl and he hopes to return to Mexico next week.

“I am going to make it worth all this suffering that my daughter had, nobody deserves it, that no boy and girl grows up with incomplete schemes, that this leads to relapses and then the only solution is a bone marrow transplant so that their chances if they can live, they are very low, ”he says.

Remember that your nightmare started on June 14, when Ana Lucia She had a relapse, went into unemployment and was dead for five minutes. The doctors intervened and managed to save her, although with a lot of damage to her organs, so she had to be connected to a machine that replaced the functions of her heart, kidneys and lungs.

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The minor remained so for 10 days, a period in which there were complications of bleeding, clots and infections. In this situation, her parents decided to disconnect her.

“We did everything we could for my baby, but it was not enough and now he is not with us and that kills me,” Walter sobs.

Ana Lucía’s family assures that, prior to her relapse on June 14, the doctors at the Children’s Hospital did not give her four intrathecal chemotherapies, there was no bone marrow aspirate, they did not have a toxicology test, they did not provide her with enough medicines. and she acquired severe neutropenia, but was sent home unattended.

Walter also tried to explain what medications his daughter stopped receiving at the 20 de Noviembre Hospital in Mexico City, although the doctors ignored her and only until Ana Lucía was serious did she receive filgrastim.

“She did not have to come to Switzerland, if she had had all the medicine in Mexico, happy we would have stayed there, they were very complicated months here, at least now my daughter has stopped suffering and that is the important thing,” Walter regrets.

During the phone conversation, this man insists that his daughter’s suffering will not be in vain. He wants to return to the country to make visible the consequences of the shortage of medicines and thus avoid the death of more people.

“There were months that we were denouncing all this shortage of medications, this needs of the health system, which needs investment in hospitals, in the areas of pediatric hematology because the beds, the staff is not enough”

On a personal level, Walter and his wife Rosalba Contreras must start their lives from scratch, without their daughter and without all the things they sold to pay for Ana Lucía’s treatment while she was in Mexico, as well as to finance the trip to Europe.

“We will have to learn to live with this pain, never forget because she was the love of my life,” concludes Walter.

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