“I will meditate if I still have something to give Guarda”, says Chaves Monteiro

Carlos Chaves Monteiro will consider whether to take the place of councilor in the new executive of the Chamber of the Guard after tonight’s defeat in local elections.

«The Guard spoke about the ballot boxes, it is something that I will meditate a lot on whether I still have something to give to the Guard or not. From now on I will go to my office to work because law is my profession. Maybe politics is not for everyone, for me it won’t be”, added the social democrat, who presided over the municipality for the last two years after Álvaro Amaro left the European Parliament.

Chaves Monteiro said he still has no explanation for the result: «The truth is that either I didn’t get the message right, or I didn’t fulfill my role well. I cannot understand it, but there will be some explanation for this. The Guard decided in this way and I respect». stated.

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