I will sow until health permits

Catalicio Oramas Concepción, resident in the Sumidero Popular Council, located south of Matahambre Mines; despite his 87 years of age; He does not abandon the planting of crops in his yard where he guarantees the livelihood of his family and neighbors.

You know today more than ever how important it is to produce food in times of COVID-19. That is why from the first clearings of the day he delves into what he enjoys the most and knows how to do: cultivating the land.

“Since I retired twenty-seven years ago, I tend to this patio. I have dedicated a good part of my life to him. Here I plant, depending on the time of year, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, pumpkins, cachucha pepper, cabbages, banana, coffee and avocado. “

I have a bio-land for the fertilization of crops that allows me to obtain good harvests, in addition to the cultural attention that I offer them; added Oramas.

I live wide, because with the work that I do I contribute to improve my economy. I don’t have to leave my house to buy these products, I have them at hand. I harvest everything I can and need to feed ourselves, he said.

Oramas concepción also pointed out that at this time it is very important to cultivate every inch of land we have because the planet is going through a very difficult situation due to the new coronavirus that affects the whole world, so all means must be exploited to survive.

“As long as I am healthy I will continue sowing because with that I help my family and a good part of the people around me, and with this work I feel useful and in constant action, which at my age is fundamental.”

Catalicio Oramas Concepción, has a National Reference patio, a merit granted to the effort and dedication of this farmer who knows the field and makes interesting stories.

In his region he is well known, a man who despite his long age bets on life and gives away wise teachings.

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