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Gura Kim, “Thanks for the birth of the second generation”
Ahn Jae-mo appeared as a special MC
“My wife pays off hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.”
“I was arrested until the sixth year.”

‘Same Bed, Dream 2’ Kim Gura / Photo = SBS Capture

Comedian Kim Gura expressed his feelings about the birth of the second generation.

In SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2 – You are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Same Bed, Dream 2’), which was broadcast on the 11th, Gura Kim and the appearance of special guest Ahn Jae-mo were drawn.

Kim Gu-ra, who met the late boy, received a diaper cake from the members, and he said, “I’m so grateful that something good happened late. I was 28 when I raised Dong-hyun. I didn’t know.”

He added, “(The child) was in the incubator in the middle and came out. Fortunately, he is healthy and is growing well, so thank you so much for worrying about me.”

Kim Gura said, “Many people have sent me congratulatory messages, but the answer is always, ‘Thank you. I will try my best to have fun. I have to have fun to have a happy child.'” “I am a person who always puts my happiness first. I have no intention of making any sacrifices,” he said with a laugh.

Ahn Jae-mo, who was a special MC on this day, said about the rumor that he was being caught by his wife who is 6 years younger than him, “I lived in captivity until the 6th year. My children are also 10 and 11 years old, so I started releasing them a lot at some point, and now I hardly feel like I’m living in captivity.” “He told me to go and talk well,” he confessed.

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Ahn Jae-mo said, “My wife is usually a bright and cheerful girl, but one day when she suddenly gets angry, she doesn’t say anything. If you don’t ask if you’re having dinner at dinner, you’re in trouble,” said Ahn Jae-mo. It’s about giving food and cleaning it up,” he explained.

When asked, ‘Are you still afraid of your wife?’, he said, “I’m not 100% comfortable with it,” causing laughter. Ahn Jae-mo said that he gave 100% of the economic rights to his wife and shivered, saying, “How did you know all the strange days when money came in?”

'Same Bed, Dream 2' Ahn Jae-mo / Photo = SBS Capture

‘Same Bed, Dream 2’ Ahn Jae-mo / Photo = SBS Capture

Ahn Jae-mo also surprised everyone by saying that his wife paid off hundreds of millions of won in debt before marriage. He said, “When I was preparing for marriage with my wife, I was leaving the entertainment industry and taking out a bank loan to start a business. said.

Ahn Jae-mo, who entered the stock world at the age of 22, confessed his experience of being in debt after investing hundreds of millions of dollars. Ahn Jae-mo, who started with 30 million won and made 300 million won, became in debt after investing in stocks recommended by people around him. After marriage, the wife, who was managing the property, added to the surprise when she confessed that she had settled the debt by saying, “If you promise not to do stocks again, I will solve it.”

Ahn Jae-mo also shared his experience of running away from home for 4 months after marriage. He said, “During the filming of the drama, it was difficult to commute long distances, so I arranged a dorm instead.” “One day after marriage, it was my birthday after marriage, and my wife did not contact me, so I finally called. But my wife was annoyed. And my wife was sensitive and difficult. I understand it in my head, but I feel sad in my heart.”

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He continued, “Even if we stopped by to see the children, we pretended not to know each other and did not try to talk to each other.” “My wife packed up and brought the children to the dormitory and said, ‘You should raise the children.’ While trying to reconcile, I made a mistake in saying ‘I got it’, and my wife burst into tears and hugged me.”

‘Dongsang Imong 2 – You are my destiny’ is broadcast every Monday at 11:10 pm.

By Jeong Tae-gun, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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