IAA: Wolfgang Porsche does not exclude VW entry at Tesla

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Wolfgang Porsche does not exclude VW entry at Tesla

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Philipp Vetter

Is the enemy's SUV way too short?

The car accident in Berlin with four dead triggers a discussion about SUVs. Shortly before the start of the IAA in Frankfurt demands come to banish them from inner cities or even more radical – all cars.

The spokesman for the VW owner families, Wolfgang Porsche, wants to think about joining the group in the US electric car maker Tesla. However, he calls restrictions – and gives his opinion about Elon Musk price.

DThe owner families of Volkswagen do not rule out joining the Wolfsburger Group in the American electric car maker Tesla. "You always have to be able to think everything over," said Wolfgang Porsche, spokesman for the families on the sidelines of the International Motor Show (IAA). Porsche had been approached on speculation, VW could Tesla partially take over.

However, Porsche curtailed that he currently considers the Elon Musk-managed company on the stock market to be overvalued. "Tesla is far too expensive right now," said Porsche. The electric car maker is currently worth more than 37 billion euros on the stock market, but the price has fallen sharply in recent months. At times, the Tesla rating even exceeded that of BMW.

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The new ID.3 from Volkswagen

At the end of August, a report by the "Manager Magazin" had caused a stir, according to which VW boss Herbert Diess would like to participate in Tesla. However, it was said that the owner families are obviously skeptical. Volkswagen had denied the report at that time.

Now Porsche is at least fundamentally open. The spokesman for the families, who control the majority of votes at Volkswagen via Volkswagen Holding, also made it clear that he is not a big fan of Tesla boss Musk. "He's a bit jumpy," said Porsche.

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09.09.2019, Hesse, Frankfurt / Main: Tina Velo, spokeswoman for the action alliance "Sand in the Gear", is in the run-up to a press conference in the Press Club. The political scientist, who appears under a pseudonym, will meet in the afternoon with Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG. "Sand in the gears" will mobilize on Saturday (14.09) up to 20,000 people for a demonstration against the IAA (International Motor Show). Photo: Lennart Stock / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Protests against auto industry

VW presented on Monday evening, the ID.3, the first real electric car of the group, with the model 3 of Tesla is to be made competition. Wolfgang Porsche made it clear that the group's electric offensive had to succeed. "We do not have several shots," he said after the presentation. "Now everything has to be right." VW has already achieved a lot, he believes in the success of the ID.3.

In view of the change in the group and the industry as a whole, Porsche is currently feeling unfairly criticized. "The industry is getting it right now," he said. He finds it a pity that protests against the IAA have been announced. "We do so much," says Porsche. He was a little surprised by the intensity of the debate, which had flared up around the car industry. "This is Germany's most important industry, that's how you treat it," said Porsche.

US justice is bothered by exhaust standards of German carmakers

Several German carmakers had decided with a California environmental agency stricter emission standards. This apparently annoys the US government. The Ministry of Justice now wants to investigate the case.

Source: WORLD / Nicole Fuchs-Wiecha

Basically, he does not reject the climate protests of students. "I think it's great that the boys take care of that," he said.

VW boss Dass had on Monday evening in a dispute with a representative of the radical protest coalition "Sand in gear", which wants to block the IAA on Sunday, discussed. "Of course, there are people who do not want a car or give it any perspective," Diess said at the presentation of the ID.3. "Even if some people do not want to accept their world view, the car has a great future."

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