Ibercaja discounts contributions to its pension plans with up to 7% without limit and permanence of 10 years

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Ibercaja joins the pension plan campaign to close the year. The Zaragoza entity offers up to a 7% bonus on what is contributed or transferred from other entities to a wide range of its individual pension plans, with no maximum amount limit.

For contributions and transfers over 60,000 euros to Ibercaja pension plans, The participant can obtain an account credit of 7% with a 10-year commitment. For amounts greater than 30,000 euros, clients may benefit from a 5% bonus if the commitment is for 7 years of permanence and for amounts greater than 5,000 euros, the bonus is 3% in the case of 5 years of permanence. or 1.5% if the assumed stay is 3 years.

Clients who want to benefit from this bonus must have made the contributions during 2023 and in the case of transfers from other entities, they may make them before January 19, 2024.

Ibercaja has recently incorporated the Ibercaja Growth Self-Employed Plan into its range of employment pension plans. This is a pension plan moderate investor profilewith an exposure to variable income that can range between 30% and 60%, and the rest fixed income.

Its operation is very similar to that of an individual pension plan, but it allows you to contribute and deduct taxes from personal income tax up to 5,750 euros, unlike the 1,500 euros per year to which the tax-reduced contribution has been reduced this year for individual plans.

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