Ibiza video: Alleged expert calls new details – track to Munich?


An expert familiar with espionage has provided Austrian television with new information on the creation of Ibiza's scandalous video, which led to the rupture of the right-wing conservative Austrian government. Sascha Wandl claimed in “oe24” that a former business partner, whom he himself had trained in the field of espionage, had laid the video trap together with a Viennese lawyer.

The video, recorded secretly in Ibiza in the summer of 2017, shows how later Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) talks to a supposed Russian investor about working together. It is also about possible government contracts in return for covert election assistance for the FPÖ, and for influencing the media.

“Ibiza video”: informant wants to have recognized ex-business partner

The business partner, who was registered both in Munich and in Vienna, he had recognized on the video, said Wandl. He also stated that he had personally introduced his ex-business partner and the Viennese lawyer. He himself had dropped out of the spy business in 2016. Concrete information on possible agreements between the two and details of backers, he therefore did not.

The comments of the man coincide with the descriptions of former FPÖ politician Johann Gudenus, who interpreted in Ibiza for his then party leader Heinz-Christian Strache. Gudenus also spoke in the “Kurier” of a Viennese lawyer, who had mediated the meetings, but in Ibiza was ultimately not there. “The lawyer then made the further contact, confirmed to me that the identities of the gentlemen are genuine,” said Gudenus about the role of the lawyer and the identity of the supposed Russian oligarchs niece.

The scandal surrounding the video has led to a serious government crisis in Austria. Meanwhile, no FPÖ politicians are more in the government, instead, experts were used. Strache has also resigned as FPÖ boss. Gudenus even left the party.

Government Crisis in Austria: Strache Affair: The Chronicle of the Scandal


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