Ibn Hisham Salim: I hesitated 18 times and cried before informing my father of the decision to have sexual transitions (video)

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Nour, the son of the artist Hisham Selim, revealed the scenes of admitting his father for his urgent desire for sexual transformation, from “Noura”, the 18-year-old girl, to the young “Nour”, explaining that he hesitated dozens of times before knocking on his father’s room to tell him the truth of what he was thinking out loud.

Times the son did not forget, and he cried, afraid of the father’s reaction after hearing his words, but he was reassured by “Salim”.

“On the Jaafar Talk” program, broadcast on the German-speaking German channel “Deutsche Welle”, Nour said during an online interview: “I hesitated before saying to my father about 18 or 19 times, I was standing in front of the room and before I knocked on the door, I fear and go back to My room, and on the day I entered and told my father I wanted to tell you something, I was crying. ”

And he continued, “My father said to me: How can I help you? What do I do for you?” When I said that, I was relieved, because it was important to me that my mother and my sisters be fine only.

For his part, the artist Hisham Selim made it clear for the first time, during the meeting: “In Nour’s childhood, his choices were childish, as he bought pistols and avoided choosing brides, which prompted the artist to question himself and himself, and consulted his friends from the doctors, who said that it is good to present it to a psychiatrist. He added, adding that he refused to expose his son to the experience of a psychiatrist in his childhood, waiting for him to grow up, then the girl, “Nora,” will repeat her fate.

And Salim said: “I was afraid that I would be doing something wrong, by exposing Nour by sitting with a psychiatrist and hearing words about hormones and issues older than his age, and I said to myself, I will make sure when he gets older, and I insist that I have to stand next to him until he finds the way he wants to walk.” .

On the other hand, and away from the experience of disclosing Nour’s decision to “Selim”, the young media asked about his feelings of love towards a girl before, and Nour replied: “I felt love, and it was difficult I was thinking about how I would love or talk to her and what her family would say, so I did not want In the matter, so as not to get into trouble and (Audi is a shrewd person).

“Selim” advised his son on the air to become stronger, because after he revealed his truth in the media, he will face problems, at work and in life.

Two days ago, the artist expressed his support for his son, “Nour”, in the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Daray”, and that was the first time for the artist to publicly announce his son’s life in the media.

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