Ica: workers block the Panamericana Sur in rejection of vaccination against COVID-19 | VIDEO nndc | PERU

Hundreds of workers from agro-export companies in the Ica region block the Panamericana Sur at kilometer 272, in the sector known as Chinatown. This measure began last night and was resumed this Thursday morning. The protesters point out that the protest is against the obligation to vaccinate against COVID-19 in the workplace.

According to images broadcast on América TV, the protesters have placed stones and burned tires to prevent the transit of private, heavy and interprovincial transport vehicles, which are stranded in the area.

In statements to the news, some of them said they did not believe in the existence of the coronavirus.

That they do not force us to vaccinate because here most of the companies are asking for the second dose to be able to enter to work, and here like most people it has been reported that this virus does not exist, they do not want to be vaccinated“Said one of the protesters.

The Ministry of Health ordered that since last December 10 it is mandatory to show the vaccination card with two doses so that people over 18 can enter closed spaces such as shopping centers and banks, as well as work centers in face-to-face activity with more than 10 people.

The day before, the government exceptionally provided a period of 30 calendar days for those private sector workers who do not have a complete vaccination scheme to carry out face-to-face work.

Despite this, the protesters blocking the Panamericana Sur refuse to be vaccinated and assure that they will continue with the fighting measure.

It is freedom of thought, the Constitution says it in article 2, there is freedom of thought and expression, and the workers endorse that. They do not want to be vaccinated, they do not get vaccinated because, you cannot force them, it is something that goes against their right, nor can they take away their work, their workplace”Said another of the protesters.

Former congressman and doctor Posemoscrowte Chagua Payano also arrived at the scene to urge workers to reject the vaccine.

The day before, the board of directors of the Peruvian Medical College (CMP) reported that they will open an ex officio complaint against Chagua Payano, for a possible violation of several articles of the institution’s Code of Ethics and Deontology regarding the use of false information and encourage other processes against the current vaccination.

The workers condition the unblocking of the road to the signing of a commitment by the companies not to demand the vaccine.


They protest against the vaccine in Panamericana Sur https://www.americatv.com.pe/noticias


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