Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany is also "at ease": clear words after 1: 8 against Canada


After the collapse of the historic World Cup winning streak, the captain spoke clearly. "We have taken a very hard defeat", said Moritz Müller after the 1: 8 defeat (0: 2, 1: 2, 0: 4) of the German national team against Canada and asked: "We must be honest with each other others, because it is because we have not invested enough. "

After the best start of the World Cup since 1930 with four successes, the flight at high altitude ended abruptly and painfully. Without fighting spirit, without tactical discipline, without a ride to the gate Leon Draisaitl and Co. surrendered to the 26-time world champion in their destiny.

There was no sign of the virtues of the first games. "I hope it was the alarm bell we need now," said Müller, "we need to understand that we cannot fail to play against these nations."

The DEB team wants a good starting position

The next opponents are Sunday in the United States (Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany – USA from 16 onwards LIVE on TV on SPORT1) and Tuesday Finland (Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany – Finland on Tuesday from 12 onwards LIVE on TV on SPORT1). Then it comes to getting the best possible starting position for the quarter-finals and avoiding the favored Russia for the NHL superstar title Alexander Ovetschkin in the first knockout round.

When asked what was to change, coach Toni Söderholm succinctly said: "Everything".

Almost two hours before the first bully, it was clear after the Americans beat Denmark 7: 1. The selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation is no longer one of the top four in Group A and therefore has a place in the quarterfinals also the final qualification for the 2022 Olympic Games finally in the bag.

"Maybe we had this in mind and we became a bit at ease," Müller said, "anyway, we played like this." (SERVICE: the best players of the Ice Hockey World Cup)

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Thomas Chabot (3rd), Mark Stone (17th, 27th and 39th), Anthony Mantha (44th and 45th), Sam Reinhart (46th) and Anthony Cirelli (54th) sealed in front of 6510 spectators in Steel Arena in Kosice the 35th German defeat in the 38th World Cup duel with the home of ice hockey – and the tenth in a row.

Seider after the spectators of brutal checks

Monaco Yasin Ehliz (39) scored for the disappointing selection of DEB, who had won in 1996 in Vienna against the maple leaves (5: 1). On the way to the silver sensation at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, the German team of Canada had defeated in the semifinals 15 months ago 4: 3.

In the German goal, Niklas Treutle stopped for the second time at the Nuremberg World Cup. NHL goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer, for whom he replaced France 4: 1, disappeared again due to muscle problems. Mathias Niederberger, based in Düsseldorf, who had already convinced as number one and contributed significantly to the quarter-finals, received a break. Treutle did not look good, but was abandoned by his men in front.

Even the young Moritz Seider had to attend, after the brutal check-in to the band in the 3-2 against Slovakia due to a concussion. (SERVICE: all information on the 2019 Ice Hockey World Cup)

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