Ice launches unlimited data and GB you can give away

Unlimited data is nothing new, so it’s good Ice finally launches it in the form of IceMax, but they have something else like is uniquely.

Ice allows you to share GB with others, but that’s a big downside

The unique thing is the ability to give away up to 10GB with the new Max subscription, but it must be to another Ice customer, which is an obvious but natural limitation.

– This is something ice customers are used to being able to do. Therefore, we continue that customer benefit also for those with unlimited data. For us, it was natural that those with a lot should have the opportunity to share. With the iceMax subscriptions, you can give away up to 10 GB to anyone who needs it. It could be family, friends or others who are Ice customers, he concludes.

The subscriptions have speeds of up to 25 mbit / s on the first 100 GB. Then the speed is set to 3 mbit / s after 100GB has been used up, which works well for both streaming and normal mobile use. 33 GB of the 100 GB can be used in the EU / EEA.


Decreases speed if you use more than 100GB

Note that like many others, it is not a question of unlimited data at the same speed – if you use a certain amount, the speed is slowed down:

“IceMax has 100 GB included with a speed of up to 25 mbit / s, if you use this up, the speed will be adjusted down to 3 mbit / s. You will still be able to surf, chat and stream as normal – but at a slower speed. If you want to increase the speed, you can buy this on My Pages or in the ice app. ”

Unlimited data subscriptions offer the following:

  • Unlimited data at a fixed low monthly price
  • iceMax kr 499
  • iceUng Max kr 449
  • Share up to 10 GB / month with other ice customers
  • Up to 25 Mbit / s on the first 100 GB each month
  • Free speech, SMS and MMS in Norway
  • 33 GB / month in the EU / EEA
  • No time restraint

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