Iceland declares an emergency situation after several earthquakes and warns of a possible volcanic eruption

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Icelandic authorities declared an emergency situation after a series of earthquakes near Gindavikin the southwest of this island in the North Atlanticand warned of a possible volcanic eruption, so they ordered a preventive evacuation of this city 50 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavík.

“At this time, it is not possible to determine exactly if and where the magma could reach the surface. There are indications that a considerable amount of magma is moving in an area extending from Swimming knoll cratersin the north, towards Grindavík,” the Icelandic meteorological service reported last night.

He specified that “the amount of magma involved is significantly higher than that observed in the largest magma intrusions associated with the eruptions of the Fagradalsfjall“.

The signs currently observed are similar to those on the eve of the first eruption of this volcano in 2021 and very similar to the seismic activity that was measured approximately a month before that eruption.

The most likely scenario now, taking the Fagradalsfjall eruption as a reference, is that “the magma takes several days (rather than hours) to reach the surface,” added the meteorological authority.

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