Icelandic Christmas announcement banned for being too political


A The spokesperson added: "Mother, the creative agency that produced the video, sent the Rang-tan script to Clearcast in July to test the system again and see if there was an option to advertise like part of our campaign alongside planned film screenings and social media, was rejected because of the name Greenpeace.

"Working with his mother, Iceland presented Rang-tan as an announcement for Christmas, but we were not involved in the negotiations."

Iceland said it had spent £ 500,000 to put together its campaign and insisted that it had booked a number of prime time TV slots with the full intention of getting it approved for Christmas.

Richard Walker, CEO in Iceland, said: "Although our advertising has never switched to TV screens, we are confident that consumers will take to social media to watch the film, which increases awareness of a major global problem" .

At the beginning of this year, Iceland committed to go without plastic, as well as launching a wide range of vegans /



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