Iceta says that although he does not like bullfights, he voted against its ban in Catalonia: "It is a cultural manifestation"

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The Minister of Culture and Sport, Miquel Iceta, has acknowledged that he does not “like” bullfights, although he has pointed out that when he was a deputy for the PSC in Catalonia he voted against the ban on bullfights because “the debate had an orientation that did not was strictly animalistic” and recalled that bullfighting “is a declared cultural manifestation”.

“Animal abuse must be prohibited, but at the same time bullfighting is a declared cultural manifestation and we have to live with it,” he stated in an interview on Radiocable collected by Europa Press, when asked about the introduction of bulls in bullfighting. Cultural Bonus.

The minister recalled that he voted against banning bullfighting in Catalonia because “correbous were not prohibited”, which he described as “another expression of bullfighting culture that harms animals”.

“Before banning something, I look at everything many times because the culture is changing and it is true that there is a culture of bullfighting that is very important,” he stated.

The minister has pointed out that the difference between Spain and France in bullfighting is that there are “changed identities” and has ironized that those who care for bullfighting culture in the south of France are the “Catalanists”, while in the case of Catalonia they consider that “it is a Spanish party”.

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