Idap Decubitus Ulcers Can Die, What Are the Dangers of This Disease? page all – Patients who are chronically ill and only lie in bed (bed rest), or wheelchair users for a long time need to be aware of pressure ulcers.

The reason is that pressure ulcers that are not handled properly can be fatal and cause the patient to die.

Please note, decubitus ulcers are open sores that form on the skin due to continuous pressure in the long term.

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Usually, decubitus ulcers appear on the buttocks, hips, spine, shoulders, tailbone, ankles, elbows, and heels.

Check out the following explanation to increase awareness of this health problem.

Reported from NursingHomeLawCentreLLCdecubitus ulcers can cause the patient to die when complications of infection spread throughout the body and damage vital organs.

This condition is usually experienced by people with pressure ulcers that are not treated immediately and pressure sores are not treated properly.

When not treated immediately and not cleaned, pressure sores can fester and potentially become a breeding ground for bacteria.

The longer the pressure sore is left, the lower the healing rate and the higher the risk of the patient dying from infectious complications.

Especially, for the elderly or patients who have weak immune systems.

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Dangers of pressure ulcers

There are several complications of pressure ulcers that are dangerous and can cause the sufferer to die, including:

Reported from MayoClinicCellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin and soft tissues. This complication can cause the pressure sore to become warm, swollen, inflamed, and painful.

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Cellulitis can cause the infected skin tissue to break down and die. If the infection is not treated promptly and spreads to the blood, lymph nodes, heart, or nervous system, the effects can be fatal or fatal.

Infections from pressure sores can also penetrate into the joints and bones. If it attacks the joints, the cartilage and tissues around the pressure sores can also be damaged.

While bone infections can make the joints so not functioning and the nearest limbs can not be moved.

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Long-term pressure sores that don’t heal can sometimes turn into squamous cell carcinoma.

Sepsis is the main cause of decubitus ulcers can be deadly. This complication can occur when the infection spreads throughout the body.

As a result of this infection response, the bloodstream in the body is flooded with the body’s natural immune chemicals to fight infection.

Massive release of these substances into the bloodstream can disrupt hormone balance and damage organs. The impact can be fatal.

Given the danger of pressure ulcers can cause the patient to die, it’s a good idea to undergo the right treatment if you experience this condition. Remember, death from this disease can be prevented with proper and fast treatment.

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