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First announced at the Gamescom event held in August 2013, and launched in a big way since 2014[email protected]is a game development project used by Microsoft to support independent developers. In the past 10 years of development, it has paid more than $4 billion to independent developers and assisted more than 3,000 independent games to be released on the Xbox platform.

Responsible[email protected]Microsoft director Chris Charlaexpressthis development plan has helped more than 3,000 independent games attract many players to play through the Xbox platform, and plans to launch another wave of 3,000 independent games.

and[email protected]At the same time, it also assists developers such as StudioMDHR Entertainment, an independent developer that created “Cuphead” (Cuphead), and House House, a game studio that designed “Untitled Goose Game” (Untitled Goose Game) to gain higher visibility, while also allowing their Make games that can be played by more players.

at present[email protected]More than 5,000 game studios and independent developers from more than 100 countries and regions have been accumulated, and only about 200 independent developers have joined in the first year of this plan, which shows that this development plan has indeed successfully assisted many independent developers increase the visibility of their work.

Microsoft will continue to strengthen[email protected]Development plan, including the new developer accelerator project, so that more independent developers can bring interesting game works to players, and also plan to help independent developers to sell their games in the form of physical discs through retail markets sale, and plans to[email protected]Publish independent game works and promote them to more players through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Chris Charla explained that he will communicate with more developers through this year’s GDC 2023 Game Developers Conference, and will further discuss the details of the developer accelerator project, so as to help developers bring their games to the market faster.

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