Iervolino and the future, the aim is to lock down a player: here are the latest

“I have not yet asked myself the problem because I strongly believe in salvation, but in the event of an unfortunate relegation I would not lose heart: we would immediately try to go back up to stabilize ourselves in Serie A and be protagonists”. Words and music by the president Danilo Iervolino who, a few days ago, followed up on the statements of the managing director Maurizio Milan, confirming that, in the worst case scenario, one would “fall on his feet” and with the concrete possibility of immediately setting up a squad that can win the B championship. Of course he would start again from the backbone that currently makes up the staff and many players, even if attracted by the sirens of the top flight, know very well that there is basically a serious, ambitious and far-sighted project in a square that has few equals for passion and warmth. On the agenda there are a series of individual matches that could materialize already starting if Salernitana does not beat Turin. First on the list is Pasquale Mazzocchi, defender already followed by important clubs but who immediately established an excellent relationship with the owners and the fans. To all intents and purposes of the Salernitana until June 2025 for a total investment of about 1.5 million euros, the former Venice would have no problem starting from B with a program that points to direct A, which is why Iervolino and Sabatini could shortly call the agent to go into detail and ensure performance regardless of the category.

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