If Aitana can offend, we are lost.

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Now it turns out that even Aitana can offend. I mean: Aitana. Look at her well. Think about it calmly. He offense has reached the bizarre phase. He has already passed the baroque screen and enters the churrigueresque. Only then can we understand that we are serious about why something so white and naive can offend.

Or could it be that, in reality, there is only four hypersensitive prudes fibrillating and we are building a controversy less solid than the vapor of a yawn? Could it be that there is no controversy at all, but rather a simple surprise that it will take us half a minute to assimilate, accept and move on to the next thing?

Pop music is based on one thing. Well, it is based on many things, because it is anything but simple, but above all it is based on one. The change. The evolution. Like the shark, the pop star who stands still, suffocates and dies. (Is that what you want for Aitana, damns?).

So Aitana, this talented, intelligent and friendly 24-year-old girl, has been changing and advancing for more than a year since the soft pop of her post-post beginnings. OT a a dance-pop that’s a little mischievous, a little spicy, little by little. The singles My love, The babies y The Angelstheir videos and some promotional photos were supposed to have prepared the ground for Alpha, their new album, which is a little more, well, partyy? Twenty something? (I don’t even know how to say it so as not to feel ridiculous), and for the tour that started on day 1 in Valencia. Now don’t act surprised, please.

In it Valencia concert The videos that have circulated yesterday and today on social networks and WhatsApp groups were recorded: Aitana sexy shaking a little buttock. Well, nothing that the pop stars that we have seen every day for decades do not usually do. But it turns out that the fathers and mothers of some boys and girls have jumped while their children did not even raise their eyebrows. Well, The tour is one of the most important this fall, almost a dozen concerts in large sports venues, and after this chichinabo controversy there is not exactly an avalanche of scandalized people burning records in town squares or asking for their ticket money back. On the contrary.

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