If I Do Well in IPL, World Cup Spot Will Follow: Rahane


IANS | Updated: March 16, 2019, 11:02 AM IST

If I Do Well in IPL, World Cup Spot Will Follow: Rahane

New Delhi: India's No.4 slot game, the team is one stop away from the 2019 World Cup. With all international fixtures done, only the Indian Premier League (IPL) remains for the team of skippers Virat Kohli, coach Ravi Shastri and the selectors to decide on who they wish to pick for the position. And one man who is definitely in the running is Rajasthan Royals skipper Ajinkya Rahane.Speaking to IANS, Rahane though made it clear that he is not thinking about the World Cup bus. For the Mumbaikar, the process of more and more information on the final result.

"The most important thing will be the team." The most important thing will be "the approach will be different with the World Cup." said Rajasthan Royals rather than thinking too much about the road ahead. See, if I do well in the IPL, the World Cup (slot) will automatically like, "said Rahane.

"I feel it is important to express yourself and not to be under pressure by thinking about things which are not in your control. The focus is the IPL."

Coming to the IPL, while having a regular skipper Steve Smith was banned, he will be the one leading the team this time round. After a last season quality show, does the Rajasthan Royals skipper feel the pressure of expectations?

"No, not at all. The last year was really good for us, especially when we were coming back and two years." this year.It is important to play as a team and look to enjoy every moment as the IPL is a long tournament. "" He explained.

While Rahane and the Royals, the skipper said that the team was looking forward to welcoming the former Australia skipper this year. In fact, even the Australian team is looking at Smith to perform well and make a return to the side for the World Cup.

"We were all excited to have him back. We didn't know if he would be able to make it or not (two to the elbow injury). But when we were told, that was a boost because his experience and records are unbelievable. He smiled.

Shane Warne was the brand's ambassador to this time, but his role of mentoring the side last year as a huge boost for Rahane the skipper as he had the former Australia.

"The experience with Warne was brilliant. My first season was his last season as a player. He was very involved and kept strategizing with us. He loves talking about cricket and we a team we "I have personally learned," Rahane shared.

A chat with "Jinx" (as he is called by friends and teammates) is incomplete without speaking about the journey of India's test team this season and India's Test deputy is a proud man.

"I think this is really special as we all know how to difficult to win in Australia. This is one of the big achievements for us because going and winning a test series on foreign soil isn't easy. Starting well is very important and that is what we did in Australia.

First Published: March 16, 2019, 10:48 AM IST



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