– If I had taken the knee now, I would have put up

– I feel that I have many good years left. Now I’m starting to grow up properly, but I want more, says Nora Mørk to TV 2.

But many feared the worst then one tearful Nora Mørk limped off the field for the Vipers in the Champions League meeting with Rostov-Don on February 10, but the 29-year-old escaped with the fear and without a serious knee injury.

– Right there and then did not feel stable, and I did not dare to go out again, but when we checked the knee in the wardrobe and in the days after, I managed to sum up that there could not be cruciate ligament, meniscus or side ligament, for everything I have known that before, says Mørk.

– Still, there is a little devil in the back of his mind who says “Nora Mørk, you will not escape this time either”, but I want to say that I did, she adds.

– Then I would have posted

If there is anyone who recognizes a serious knee injury, it is Nora Mørk.

Mørk has not only had a career with great triumphs. There have also been a number of knee injuries. She has undergone ten knee surgeries.

– It will be very dramatic to say, but if I had taken the knee now, I would have given up. Then I would not have reached the Olympics, and then there would have been no point in trying to come back and try to be like five years ago. It was 48 hours before the MRI I thought about what I should do with my life, says the 29-year-old.

RELIEF: Nora Mørk escaped the horror this time. Now she hopes to have more good PR in front of her on the handball court. Photo: Martin Leigland, TV 2

When she has been through serious knee injuries with multiple months out of play, this knee injury feels like a trifle.

– For me it is nothing. I have to do just fine. I can train a lot and regain some strength. I have been quarantined a lot and been on tour in Europe without so much access to strength rooms, so I can spend my time well on it and be completely “fit for fight” when I am allowed to play, says Mørk.

– Do not gamble with your knees

However, the injury means that she is highly uncertain for the Champions League quarter-final against Odense and the Olympic qualification with the national team in March.

– I can not afford to gamble with my knees. I probably think the Champions League matches are over, at least. Then we’ll see if the Olympic qualifiers can be done, but I do not take any chances. The most important thing is to be completely healthy and ready for what happens at the end of the season and for the summer, she says.

National team manager Thorir Hergeirsson is preparing for an Olympic qualification without his biggest star.

– It is a bit early to say yet, but we are prepared that she will not join the Olympic qualifiers. Nora gets a few weeks without contact games, and the realistic thing is that she is not available, he says to TV 2.

– We want to include everyone, but this is part of the game. Others must enter Nora’s role, and we have many good players, so we will ride this storm as well, says Hergeirsson.

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