“If I stay in the hospital for two years because I’m injured, will you take care of me?” Kim Ji-min’s answer to Kim Jun-ho’s question is sweet pumpkin itself (Miwoo Bird)

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Kim Ji-min and Kim Jun-ho couple

Comedian Kim Jun-ho, who seldom drives due to his ‘closet license’, started driving. It is because of his lover Kim Ji-min, who admitted publicly in April.

On SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ on the 7th, Kim Jun-ho was depicted struggling as a novice driver. ‘ he opened his mouth.

Kim Jun-ho then said, “And what if… we’re doing well. It could be that the kid goes to school.”

Kim Ji-min’s resolute answer

Kim Ji-min constantly bruised Kim Jun-ho’s frustrating driving skills, who run at 5 km/h, but immediately answered, “If I get hurt while driving and lie in the hospital for two years, will you take care of me?” ‘ He replied, showing a strong bond between the two of them.

The two, who have known each other for a long time, are taking care of each other’s father as if they were their own.

It is reported that Kim Ji-min was wearing mourning clothes with Kim Jun-ho when his father passed away on the 5th, and was greeted by mourners.

Things Kim Jun-ho did to Kim Ji-min when he was a senior and junior
Things Kim Jun-ho did to Kim Ji-min when he was a senior and junior

Even in 2017, when Kim Ji-min’s father died while fighting liver cirrhosis, Kim Jun-ho was only between seniors and juniors at the time, but when there were not enough people to take charge of the transportation, he was willing to help out.

At first glance, the two did not seem to get along, but Kim Ji-min said, “After the fact that they were dating, Kim Ji-min said, “My acquaintances who don’t know Jun-ho Kim and only I know, say, ‘Why did you do that? Because,” he said.

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