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The launch of a Playstation 5 without a disc player was obvious, but not without controversy; But Sony’s ad says more about why than it might seem.

The presentation of the new Playstation 5 has been the preferred topic of conversation in social networks and messaging groups; It is not for less, since the games presented were the first real advance of the new generation.

There were some surprises, but in general, it was expected: new games, others not so new, versions of classics and new installments of best-selling sagas. But it was when Sony introduced the form of the Playstation 5, and the version without a disc player, that the discussion began.

Sony explains why there is a Playstation 5 without a reader

The Playstation 5 Digital Edition will be an identical version to the normal one, with the only difference that it will not have the Blu-Ray disc reader. Therefore, it will not be able to play games that we have on disc, either from PS5 or from previous consoles like the PS4. In addition, we can not use it as a multimedia center, to play 4K movies.

One of the main disadvantages of this model is that it eliminates the loan model; you will no longer be able to leave your games to your friends, in the same way that it is not possible with Steam on the computer, for example.

The Playstation 5 will have a digital-only version



Otherwise, it will be able to run the same games as the PS5, but we will have to download to internal memory using the Playstation store.

The mere existence of a console without discs is already very controversial, but Sony’s response has not pleased many either: as they collect in Vandal, many Playstation 4 players already buy only games in digital format.

In fact, there are so many that Sony is betting it is worth creating a version of the console specifically for these customers. And we bet because, when the Playstation 5 is launched, the sales of the Digital version will be very good.

It’s the way of the industry

There are many reasons why the PS5 Digital Edition can sell as much or more than the normal one; the main one is the price of the Playstation 5.

Although Sony has not announced the price of its new console, it is no secret that it will cost more than the Playstation 4 did at launch; just the cost of production, $ 450, would already be higher. The rumors speak of prices that are around between 500 and 600 dollars, a very important investment and that can put back those who a few hours ago were excited about the games.

It is expected that the price of the new Playstation will be higher than its predecessors

It is expected that the price of the new Playstation will be higher than its predecessors



So releasing a diskless version may be Sony’s way of lower the price of the console effectively; not only because of the price of the Blu-Ray reader, but because of the additional income it gets in the Playstation digital store (the only way we will have to buy games for the PS5 Digital).

A cheaper PS5 will allow Sony to start an advertising campaign with a lower price than expected. That alone can already convince many people to go digital.

The games have changed

But even putting price aside, it is undeniable that this is the path that the industry in general has chosen. Remember that Sony has not invented anything: Microsoft has already released a version of the Xbox One S without disc player, as a test, and we bet because the Xbox Series X will also have it.

Fortnite became the most popular without a disk version

Fortnite became the most popular without a disk version

In a world dominated by Fortnite, the Valuing, and the League of Legends, it has been proven that you no longer need to burn the game to disc for it to be successful. This has been a change motivated by the players themselves, who have opted for games online that are updated daily, and that therefore, would be obsolete as soon as they are released on disk.

In fact, many of the ‘physical’ games sold today are nothing more than plastic boxes with a code; and if they have a disc, it is usually mandatory to download several tens of GB of an update in order to play. So actually, you are already playing games in digital format, another thing is that you have accepted it. And in this market, a Digital PS5 makes all the sense in the world.


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