If no action is taken against Omicron, the hospital will not be enough for the number of patients.

The latest variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, continues to spread all over the world. Omicron, which has spread faster than the previous variants, but has been reported to have been overcome more gently, has also caused an increase in cases in Turkey. “If no precautions are taken, the hospital will not be enough for the number of patients,” said Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya said, “If it combines with a virus such as Sars or Mers, the new baby variant that will emerge is like Chucky and can be fatal.”

Coronavirus While leaving 2 years behind in the pandemic, new variants continue to emerge. Finally, the Omicron variant, which emerged in South Africa, spread rapidly and spread rapidly all over the world, causing an increase in cases. While it is a matter of curiosity whether new variants will come out, statements from experts continue to come.

prof. Dr. Evaluating the views that the pandemic will end after the Omicron variant, Sakarya said, “There is no guarantee that a much more lethal variant will not appear in the near future. Unfortunately, we will still be talking about Covid in 2023.” As the fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues, the impact of the emerging Omicron variant is increasing day by day all over the world. There is an increase in the number of cases not only in Turkey, but also in Europe and America. Stating that there are two reasons for this situation, Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya stated that the contagiousness of the Omicron variant is much higher than the other variants, and the second reason is that people put aside the mask, distance and hygiene rules.

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Stating that there is a serious misconception in the society that the Omicron variant is more easily circumvented, Prof. Dr. Sakarya said, “Those who come unvaccinated do not have it as easily as those who are vaccinated. Our unvaccinated patients come every time with pulmonary involvement and respiratory problems. Let’s also say that those who are sick develop better protection against this new variant. If they also have a disease and have been vaccinated, the virus can be recovered from the vaccine. I think that the numbers that will be announced next week in Turkey will be twice the number of patients now. Because we had a New Year’s Eve. People poured into the streets and entertainment venues. The rate of positive test results doubled last week. Isolation measures must be taken if precautions are needed. If not, the hospital will not be enough for the number of patients,” he said.


Stating that some people claim that the Omicron variant will infect everyone and herd immunity will improve, it will be the end of the pandemic, Prof. Dr. Sakarya said, “Let’s take the flu. We get the flu vaccine every year because every year we come across different forms such as swine and bird flu. Covid will continue like this for a while, but now it has to come out of the pandemic, that is, the spread in the world must stop. The spread just doesn’t stop because the virus is going through dangerous changes. You know about the plague epidemic. It took about 25 years and 1/3 of the people in the world died due to this epidemic. Therefore, the virus can sometimes come together with another virus. “If it combines with a virus like Sars or Mers, the new baby variant that will emerge will be like Chucky and can be fatal,” he said.

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Explaining that under normal conditions, the number of patients will tend to decrease towards the summer months, Prof. Dr. Sakarya said, “Unfortunately, I do not think that the pandemic can end in a moment. At this time of 2023, we will still be talking about Covid. Because there are countries in the world that still cannot reach the vaccine, and these variants come out of these countries. For example, Omicron came out of Africa because there is no vaccine. These are not recorded. Vaccination only in one country is not enough to save the job. It needs to be done with the same prevalence all over the world,” he said.

13/01/2022 16:28

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