"If the Gestapo had been Argentine" they would have died "many fewer Jews": the horrible week of Milei’s game

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Javier Mileyfavorite in the Argentine presidential elections on October 22, is closing a week to be forgotten: from its reference in educational issues, proposing the advantages that Adolf Hitler’s Gestapo was made up of Argentines instead of Germans, to the candidate for mayor of Buenos Aires defining Spain as his “homeland” while an old video went viral in which he proposed to young people to obtain the maximum amount of money possible from parents, grandparents and friends to gain financial strength.

“Imagine if the Gestapo Had it been Argentina, wouldn’t it have been much better? Instead of killing six million Jews, there were surely much fewer because there would have been bribes, inefficiencies of all kinds, they would have fallen asleep. But they were German, that’s the problem there was,” he said. Martin Krause, member of the Academic Council of Freedom and Progress of La Libertad AvanzaMilei’s ultraliberal populist party.

Miliei’s party is a defender of an educational system in which demand is financed and not supply. He proposes “vouchers” that the state gives to families so that they can decide which schools to finance and give them their children’s education, although he clarifies that it is a long-term proposal. Krausein a debate held this week at the Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT), an academic center of excellence with important ties to the local Jewish community, expanded on the structural problems of Argentine education before presenting the unusual argument.

Krause later apologized, but it was too late. The Delegation of Israeli Associations in Argentina (DAIA) issued a statement in which they criticized MIlei’s leader for “trivializing the Holocaust.”

“You cannot offend and harm the memory of six million murdered people,” added the DAIA.

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