If the strike becomes a dispute


No information was available until the copy deadline. It would be the biggest strike in British Airways history. At the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair there will also be raids by British pilots in September. They had already been on strike for several days in August.

Even if airlines make an effort to plan in advance so that air traffic is only slightly affected, stoppages often lead to delays and flight cancellations. At the end of the summer holidays, observers expect some chaos, especially at British Airways. But travelers do not have to stand idly by the strikes. They should inform themselves about their rights at an early stage.

What can passengers do if their flight is threatened by a strike?
Travelers should check with the airline on a regular basis to see if their flight is on schedule or if the airline has already prepared alternatives. Information is often available on the airline's website or via a customer hotline.

What rights do passengers have if their plane stays on the ground?
The EU Passenger Rights Ordinance anchors extensive claims of passengers. If a flight is canceled, travelers can choose between a refund of the ticket price and a free transfer to a replacement flight. An alternative transport is possible.

According to the consumer guide "Finanztip", for example, consumers who are traveling within Germany and have not booked a package holiday can convert the ticket into a train ticket via the booking side of the airline. Who is stuck at the resort, is entitled to care services. If the return flight does not arrive until the next day, travelers will be refunded accommodation and meals. If passengers have to take care of themselves, they should keep bills.

What do package holidaymakers have to consider?
Travelers should contact the tour operator instead of the airline. The consumer centers advise to press with this on a solution with another airline, trains or later flights. Organizers of a package holiday are also responsible for strikes in the responsibility for costs incurred by travelers by a delay. In case of long delays consumers can therefore also reduce the travel price or, if the trip is no longer worth canceling them altogether.

Do passengers have the right to a compensation payment?
In the case of a delay of three hours or more, passengers are often entitled to a compensation payment in accordance with the EU passenger rights regulation. This depends on the distance of the route and is between 250 and 600 euros. The airlines do not have to pay if exceptional circumstances have led to the delay or flight cancellation. In strikes, the airlines often try to talk it out.

Are the airlines going to court arguing that the strike is an exceptional circumstance?
These are often single case decisions. For example, if air traffic controllers strike, the airline can not influence it. In these cases, judges will usually decide that this is an exceptional circumstance for which the airline does not have to pay compensation. The situation is different when the own pilots or the cabin crew stop work. Then chances are good that the strike in court is not considered an exceptional circumstance.

Should consumers use a passenger portal on the Internet?
If you do not want to go against the airline on your own, you can contact one of the many internet portals, such as Flightright or Fairplane. They can quickly estimate whether or not there is a right to compensation. "Mostly, airlines simply pay the required amount if they look bad for them in court," said Flightright legal expert Oskar de Felice recently in Handelsblatt. The portals receive a commission for their services.

Who can passengers turn to in case of a dispute?
Consumers also have the option of contacting the Public Service Conciliation Body (SÖP). It draws up a recommendation for out-of-court dispute resolution. For consumers, this procedure is free.

More: The recent judgment of the BGH strengthens above all the airlines. Nevertheless, passengers are often entitled to compensation – but many do not know their rights.

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